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Developments such as electronic health records, telemedicine and Internet of Things are pushing the boundaries of how and where healthcare is delivered. Medical professionals are helping patients ever



Only a stable and uninterrupted connection with a backup option, provides the ability to record and store crystal clear visual images.

Industrial IoT

Industrial IoT

Our industrial 4G/5G routers are designed to be seamlessly integrated into demanding work environments and IT networks.



Wireless Wan has led to a digital revolution in the retail industry. Connecting pay terminals, ATMs and video surveillance; Capestone has been providing reliable 4G/5G connectivity.

Small Office / Home

Small Office / Home

A 4G/5G router with SIM card is ideal for getting Internet in your home or office. Complemented by access points from TP-Link or Ubiquiti, a 4G/5G router provides a fast and secure WiFI network for sm



Capestone is increasingly providing Wireless Wan as the primary internet connection at companies and organizations instead of an ADSL, VDSL or fiber connection.


Our 4G/5G router for vehicles are specially designed to be deployed in rugged environments with water, dust, extreme temperatures and voltage changes.

maritiem 4g


More and more national and international companies from the maritime sector choose a 4G LTE / 5G solution for their primary or secondary internet connection.

bouw internet


Construction sites today need connectivity for productivity, numerous cameras, sensors and IoT devices. A reliable network increases the productivity and safety of construction sites.

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Use case Alphatron Security Automotive

Alphatron Security Automotive is a specialist in the development and application of camera and communication systems for use in mobility, from automotive to rolling stock. The offering of Wireless Wan in buses of Connexxion was completed together with Capestone.

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Use case Everday

KiesZon has been a major shaper of the solar revolution in the Netherlands since 2009. They organize within an operational lease, roof rental or purchase structure the development, financing, realization and operation of large-scale solar power projects on rooftops or in field arrangements. To track and fix failures from its solar power projects, KiesZon went looking for a 4G total solution…

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Use case CEWE

CEWE was founded in 1961 by H.C. Heinz Neumüller, operator of a small photo store in Oldenburg, and since then it has come a long way and weathered various transitions in photography with flying colors. Indeed, more than 50 years later, CEWE is established in 24 European countries and is the largest European player in the field of photo finishing.

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Use case GidPro

Whereas a normal corona test takes at least 24 hours to produce results, the results of a rapid test can sometimes be known within a minute. A fast and stable internet connection on location to inform visitors and use devices such as laptops is essential.

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Zonnepanelen Kieszon
Dutch Covid-19 Quick-Test lanes
WAN Aggregation network


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Capestone is a leading European provider & distributor of 4G/5G Mobile Internet, Wireless Connectivity, Private Networks and Critical Communications. We are providing these solutions to managed service providers, telecom & ICT resellers, carriers, OEM’s, system integrators and service providers. Complementary solutions that help end-users in optimising their business processes.

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Technology requires expertise and we like to give it to the customer together! Making devices smart and “connected” enables more efficient operations. So that companies can optimise their services and products and get the most out of them.

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We have our own specialist role within the ecosystem of business 4G/5G solutions. By collaborating with complementary parties, we achieve the optimal result.

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