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Capestone has been distributing Cradlepoint’s Wireless Wan solutions since 2014. As one of the first European partners of Cradlepoint, Capestone has now taken a leading role in the further expansion of Cradlepoint in Europe by providing resellers, system integrators, enterprise customers, ISPs, government agencies and service providers with solutions, training, project support, devices and technical support.

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4G/5G for Enterprises

The Cradlepoint 4G/5G routers are standard delivered in a package. A package consists of the combination of a Router + NetCloud + Lifetime Warranty + 24/7 Support. The packages are available with licenses for 1, 3 and 5 years. If you renew the license after the end of the period, you keep the entire package. If you choose not to renew, you keep the router but lose the other benefits.


Cradlepoint Netcloud

Cradlepoint 4G/5G portfolio in three main categories:

  • The Cradlepoint IoT network solutions are designed to get the maximum benefit from a mobile internet environment through comprehensive cloud management tools, SDKs, API capabilities and Edge Computing.
  • In addition, with the Branch network solutions, Cradlepoint offers an ideal network solution for medium and large enterprises. Use 4G as the primary connection for the office and install the Cradlepoint router for example in your 19-inch server rack. With many features including SD-WAN, Failback and IP Filtering, you ensure an unbreakable, stable and secure internet connection.
  • Finally, you can provide vehicles with connectivity with the Cradlepoint Mobile network solutions. These routers are designed for mobile applications and providing WiFi in e.g. cars, buses, barges, cruise boats, public transport and cabs. Unique features of these routers are that they have the E-Mark certificate for safe use in vehicles and that the routers have multiple modems that can be used simultaneously for even faster and more stable mobile data connections.


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Next generation 5G routers

With the E300 and E3000, Cradlepoint took a huge step in 5G for Business in 2020, taking a leading role in this rapidly growing market. Before other manufacturers announce their first 5G product portfolio, Cradlepoint is already rolling out the second generation of 5G solutions, including: the 5G W series. The W-Series consists of indoor and outdoor 5G broadband adapters. These remotely controllable 5G modems via Ethernet are equipped with an antenna system that supports the full 5G spectrum. This makes the adapters a solution with ultimate flexibility. Users can connect the 5G adapter to a Cradlepoint router or to a third-party router. This results in optimal 5G reception while using standard PoE cabling.


cradlepoint e3000

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