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As an extension of our service, Capestone offers additional Service Level Agreements for the internet packages: Temporary Internet (The Netherlands and Europe), 4G Back-up and the All-In One Solutions.

Every partner has its own wishes and requirements regarding the wireless broadband connection. For this reason Capestone works with three different Service Level Agreement levels. In this way you can be sure that you always receive the best service at any time. The different levels describe the additional quality of the service between Capestone and you as a partner.

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Capestone uses three levels of Service Level Agreement for this service:  
  • SLA A (Always Online)
  • SLA N (Next Business Day)
  • SLA O (Office Hours) 
SLA A (Always Online) SLA N (Next Business Day) SLA O (Office Hours)
Service windows 24×7 Office hours Office hours
KPI: Availability 99,70% 99,40% 95%
KPI: Response time < 2 hours < 6 hours < 8 hours
KPI: Recovery time < 4 hours < 8 hours < 24 hours
Costs per router per month € 5,00 € 2,50 € 1,25

* For both SLA N and SLA O, hours apply within office hours. Only SLA A (Always Online) is calculated based on clock hours.

There is a one-time fee associated with the Service Level Agreements. These are as follows:

  • SLA-O   € 500
  • SLA-N   € 750
  • SLA-A    € 1250

Service description SLA

For more information on the Service Level Agreements

View the service description here

Danny Kronenburg, owner of Gidpro about SLA ‘‘always online’’

”With the Temporary Internet packages of Capestone we deliver wireless broadband to several Covid-19 fast test lanes in the Netherlands. This involves a high time pressure because the visitor is bound to a time slot, but also the test result must be available within a certain time. To always be able to guarantee our client the highest quality and uptime, it is extremely important that we work with reliable systems, equipment and support. With SLA Always Online, Capestone offers us the security of being able to count on expert support and expertise in a business critical and time sensitive environment.”

Danny Kronenburg Gidpro

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