A very successful partnership for more than 9 years

Capestone & Teltonika now have a very successful partnership for over 9 years. We are the largest European distributor of Teltonika for 4G, GPS and M2M / IoT solutions. As Diamond Distributor of Teltonika we offer the highest certified level in the field of pre-sales advice, after sales & support, project support, sales and full management on all Teltonika cloud management tools. Capestone also provides additional warranty on various Teltonika RUT routers. In recent years, the sales of Teltonika products and services via Capestone in Europe – and now also abroad – have grown explosively. Capestone distributes the entire Teltonika IoT portfolio.

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Complete Teltonika solutions 

Capestone provides you with support on the entire Teltonika portfolio, both on the hardware and on the cloud licenses purchased. This means that we guide you in getting used to the Teltonika products, both commercially and technically. We are closely involved in the operation and execution of projects, both remotely and on location. Simply order a demo unit or request a Proof-of-Concept in cooperation with our certified engineers.

Complete solution Teltonika

The Teltonika portfolio in five categories

  • Networking; Teltonika offers a wide range of networking products designed to deploy your connectivity reliably, securely and quickly. The products help you build a solid IoT, M2M or enterprise network infrastructure. With advanced remote management features, you can easily manage them. The Teltonika RUT240RUT950RUT955RUTX11 and RUTX12 are the most popular products.
  • Part of the network products are the various 4G failover subscriptions. With its 4G Back-up all-in-one subscription, Capestone meets the need to never be without internet again. Because of the subscription model, there is no need for pre-investment in hardware. This mobile internet solution offers 24/7 uptime, because it uses a Comgate eSIM. The Teltonika RUT240 router automatically switches to the strongest available network. In addition, the router can automatically switch between a fixed internet connection, 4G and WiFi. The solution is delivered fully pre-configured.
  • Remote Management System: Capestone provides Teltonika’s Remote Management System (RMS) as ready-to-use Packs. A Pack consists of a bundle of monthly licenses that you can distribute to your fleet of Teltonika 4G routers as you see fit.
  • Vechicle Tracking; Teltonika offers a wide range of vehicle tracking products for professional applications. With a GPS GSM tracker, you always know where your vehicles or goods are. GPS GSM trackers are equipped with both a GPS and a GSM modem module. They are easy to program and to build into vehicles and can often be expanded with external antennas for better signal reception. These trackers are very suitable for fleet management, motoring companies, logistics parties and cab companies, among others.
  • Personal Tracking; These mini trackers are designed for people, pets, car surveillance, employee monitoring, sporting events, etc for both indoor and outdoor (special waterproof housings). View all Teltonika trackers here.
  • Accessories; Capestone offers a wide range of excellent quality Teltonika accessories including antennas, power adapters and mounting solutions that are fully compatible with Teltonika network products.
Teltonika RUT routers

Value added services & solutions Teltonika 

  • Custom Configuration;  As a value added distributor of Teltonika, we also offer a large number of our own additional services and services that make it easier to deploy Teltonika products or integrate them into existing network environments. With the service “Custom Config” Capestone offers a complete worry-free solution by taking care of the entire configuration process of RUT-routers and cloud management tools including Teltonika RMS.
  • Extended warranty; Easily extend the warranty period of your Teltonika 4G router and differentiate yourself from the competition. With the Capestone Extended Warranty product line, you add value to your end customer propositions.
Custom Configuratie Teltonika Capestone

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