Prepaid IoT simcards | The Netherlands & Europe

Do you want to keep track of your data usage in combination with worry-free fast mobile Internet? Then the Comgate Prepaid IoT Data SIM cards are ideal!

The Comgate Prepaid IoT sim cards are available from 50 MB to 25 TB and available for Europe and the Netherlands. For fast mobile internet you use the KPN network (KPN IoT). For Europe this means that you have coverage via all roaming partners of KPN in the EU. The sim cards come with a management portal and have been specially developed for business applications in 4G/5G and CAT-M network equipment such as routers, MiFi’s and dongles. All SIM cards have a 1 year validity period from the moment of activation.

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The advantages of Comgate IoT data simcards:

  • Different Prepaid IoT sim card bundles possible from 50 MB to 25 TB
    • In NL this is from 5 GB up to 25 TB
    • For the EU this is from 50 MB up to 500 GB
  • All roaming partners of KPN in the EU
  • Also available for the Netherlands only variant
  • Access to data and data credit expiry dates
  • When you upgrade, you take your data and days credit with you
  • Automatic refill possible
  • Fixed ip address on request
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Comgate prepaid simcards management portal

The SIM cards are delivered including management portal where you can view the data balance, usage and expiry date. Through the portal you can easily activate the Prepaid IoT SIM card and upgrade your credit balance. When you upgrade you take the data- & days credit with you to the new period. You also have the option to set an automatic refill of the data. Because the Comgate Prepaid IoT SIM cards use the KPN network (KPN IoT) and are managed, a fixed ip address is possible. For this you can contact

To the Prepaid Portal
comgate prepaid portal

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