Physical SIM and eSIM

With Capestone Prepaid data sims, you can enjoy worry-free high-speed mobile Internet on 4G LTE and 5G mobile networks. The data sim cards are available as physical SIM and as eSIM / QR code SIM and come with a SIM Management Portal. The sims are specially designed for 4G/5G & IoT applications in routers, GPS trackers, alarm systems, MiFis, gateways, dongles, consumer IoT devices and cameras. The Capestone QR code eSIM can also be used in the latest routers and mobile devices with a 4G LTE / 5G module that support the Consumer eSIM (SGP.21/22) GSMA standard. Capestone Prepaid IoT data sim cards are available from 100 MB to as much as 1 TB. The data credit has a standard shelf life of 12 months from the time of activation. You can also request customization. The Capestone Prepaid IoT data sim card is ideal when you want to maintain visibility and control over your data usage. These data sim cards come with management portal where you can see the data credit and shelf life of all data sims.

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Whitelabel for partners; design, create, build & scale your own Brand

Are you a distributor, manufacturer or reseller of connected products, such as solar panels, bikes, cameras, printers, networking products or e-mobility, but don’t know the end user or don’t have the tools to bill subscriptions? The Capestone Prepaid IoT Portal then provides all the tools to deliver your products connected without hassle and make margin on connectivity. Fully customize your product by purchasing a white label variant of the solution.

Choose a white-label variant of our Prepaid IoT stack if you want to add 4G LTE, 5G and IoT connectivity to your portfolio. Capestone offers the following white label capabilities:

  • Private APN: Choose your own APN name
  • Custom URL: The Prepaid Portal is built on your URL name
  • Custom Branding: The Prepaid Portal is designed in your corporate identity.
  • Custom Rate Plans Names: Create your own data bundle which your customers see. Define your own bundle name, selling price, margin, data bundle validity (1 month, 1 year, 5 years etc) and create your own roaming zones.
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The benefits of Prepaid 4G/5G & IoT SIM cards at a glance:

  • Various SIM card bundles possible from 50 MB to 1 TB
  • Both physical SIM cards and eSIM and QR code available
  • Non-steered IoT roaming SIM; the SIM card always chooses the best mobile network
  • One-time payment, no monthly subscription.
  • More than 550 roaming networks worldwide
  • Insight into shelf life of data and data assets in the portal
  • When you upgrade, you take your data & daily credit with you
  • Automatic refill possible
  • Fixed IP address and IP-SEC VPN optional

Global eSIM

The Capestone Travel eSIM allows you to use one eSIM worldwide on your existing device and take advantage of local rates. With our Travel eSIM, you save a lot of time searching for local SIM cards and you no longer have to change physical SIM cards, pay high roaming fees from your local operator, or find public Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet. You can manage and replenish the data gaps of all your eSIMs in the Capestone eSIM Portal. Check your data balance, data quota, ICCID number, set rules and download your QR code. As a partner, you can also create a reseller login that allows you to buy & resell eSIMs, manage your customers’ eSIMs and download QR codes for eSIM connectivity.

With support in more than 200 locations worldwide, the Capestone eSIM can be used anytime, anywhere without any problems.

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Capestone prepaid sim cards management Portal

The SIM cards come with a management portal where you can view data credit, usage and shelf life. You can also create QR codes and send them to your customer. Through the portal, you can easily activate the Prepaid IoT SIM card and easily top up your credit. When you upgrade, you take the data & days credit with you to the new period. You also have the option of setting an automatic refill of the data.

Comgate Prepaid IoT SIM cards offer additional network services, including a Fixed IP address or IPsec VPN. To do this, please contact

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