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Whereas a normal corona test takes at least 24 hours before you get the results, with a rapid test the results can sometimes be known within a minute. A lot of time can be saved by setting up rapid test lanes. The national rapid test lanes can provide a better balance between the pressure on the health care system on the one hand and economic activities that can continue as much as possible on the other hand. Visitors to Covid-19 rapid test lanes are registered. The result of the test is digitally recorded. A fast and stable internet connection on location to inform visitors and use devices such as laptops, is essential. GidPro is the specialist in providing ICT Support for events. Since a few months, the responsibility of the entire infrastructure of dozens of rapid test tracks throughout the Netherlands such as Eindhoven, Leeuwarden and Ahoy events hall has been added.

Danny Kronenburg, founder and owner of GidPro
“The whole exercise of rapidly equipping dozens of locations in virtually the whole of the Netherlands with ICT and connectivity to enable our client to provide 24/7 service was made possible by working with good partners, high quality equipment, and a passionate and talented team.”
Danny Kronenburg, founder and owner of GidPro

Business Challenge

Since there was no fixed internet connection at most locations, the choice for a 4G solution was quickly made. Important for the rollout was the high pace of realization combined with the best network performance. Another important requirement for the test lines was the ability to remotely manage the routers. Various protocols were drawn up by the management and advisory groups involved to ensure the security of the test lanes.


Dutch Covid-19 Quick-Test lanes


In order for GidPro to meet the objectives of the rapid test lanes, the collaboration, which goes back over 5 years with Capestone, was intensified. As experts in 4G hardware and connectivity, Capestone recommended the Temporary Internet package consisting of 4G hardware, connectivity and accessories to enable mobile internet at these locations.

GidPro Cradlepoint and Capestone

Temporary Internet package

The Temporary Internet package is equipped with a 4G router (IBR900) from Cradlepoint. Remote management of the routers and being able to guarantee a highly secure mobile internet connection is guaranteed by management and application platform: NetCloud. This allows GidPro to quickly deploy and dynamically manage networks at geographically dispersed locations, as well as monitor them on an ongoing basis. Integrating Netcloud with the routers creates the opportunity to improve productivity, increase reliability and reduce costs.

A SIM card from KPN IoT was chosen for the connectivity in the package. With years of experience in secure data solutions, KPN IoT has proven to be the best party to provide connectivity to the Dutch Covid-19 rapid test lanes. KPN IoT’s data network provides a reliable and fast internet connection. This enables the provider to ensure the required security requirements of the test lanes.

Customized advice

Vanessa Claessen, Sales Director IoT at Capestone tells about this project: ‘In this use case it was immediately clear that this was a temporary internet solution, for this we brought our partner GidPro a suitable tailor-made advice. Thanks to our expertise in hardware and connectivity, we were able to advise and deliver the right total package to GidPro. With their technical knowledge, GidPro was able to experience an easy and fast rollout. Because of the good cooperation with our partners and suppliers, we were able to deliver quickly in a project that I am personally proud of being able to contribute to.

SLA Always online

With regard to the provision of Service, Danny explains; “To be able to always guarantee our client the highest quality and uptime, it is extremely important that we work with reliable systems, equipment and support staff. With SLA Always Online, Capestone offers us the security of being able to count on expert support and expertise in a business-critical and time-sensitive environment.

SLA Capestone


“The whole exercise of rapidly providing dozens of locations in almost all of the Netherlands with ICT and connectivity to enable our client to provide 24/7 service has been made possible by working with good partners, high quality equipment, and a passionate and talented team. In these strange times we are glad to be able to contribute to a little more freedom for people”, says Danny Kronenburg, founder and owner of GidPro.

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