4G / 5G mobile internet for transportation

Our 4G/5G router for transportation are specially designed to be used in rugged environments with water, dust, extreme temperatures and voltage changes. In addition, the router often has various certificates including e-Mark, so that the manufacturer demonstrates that the router complies with the EU directives regarding motor vehicle use, safety components and systems of approval.

With over 10 years of experience in providing mobile internet in ambulatory service vehicles (police cars, ambulances), inland waterways, marine, cruise ships, public transportation and buses, Capestone ensures that partners and clients get the optimal results from their investment.

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Our offer & benefits

Safety and certification by E-Mark certificate

Sturdy, rugged routers are designed for longevity and to work well even when vehicles encounter extreme temperatures, humidity, shock, vibration, dust and splashing water.

Fast internet on the road for driver and passengers

Safe and reliable for greater efficiency.

WiFi reception around the vehicle

With our WiFi routers, you also have internet access around the vehicle.

New services for customers; WiFi & narrowcasting

By offering WiFi and narrowcasting to your passengers in the (touring) bus or public transport you are distinctive.

Linking payment terminal

For easy handling of payments.

Put telemetry data to work

Routers with active GPS and AVL integration enable cloud access to location information and vehicle performance data.

Manage total fleet

Minimize one-time vehicle troubleshooting by monitoring, managing and analyzing connectivity and security issues anywhere via the cloud.


Extensive experience in this sector on hardware and wireless communications.

Transport All-in one solutions

Fast and reliable mobile Internet in vehicles is essential for drivers and passengers. Tasks that require a lot of bandwidth such as streaming or video conferencing often pose problems. The ideal mobile broadband router for bus or car is robust, compact, has high bandwidth and offers WiFi. And when you want to be able to track vehicles or goods, choose a router with GPS. There are many choices that we, as experts, can properly advise on. To make it easy for you, Capestone has created a complete package including; router, accessories, connectivity and full configuration and service level agreement (SLA).

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