LTE & 5G for improved care

Developments such as electronic health records, telemedicine and Internet of Things are pushing the boundaries of how and where healthcare is delivered. Medical professionals are helping patients everywhere, from clinics and hospitals to pop-up locations. To deliver the best possible care to patients in all of these locations, it is essential to always have a flexible, reliable and secure Internet connection. With Capestone’s 4G/5G routers, a stable and reliable LTE and 5G Wireless WAN connection can be set up. With this, you can, for example, offer institutions within the healthcare sector access to applications that help save lives and improve the quality of life. As a specialized 4G/5G Wireless WAN & IoT distributor, we are happy to provide you with more information on key features and important options to consider in making your hardware choice.

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Our offer and the benefits

Extensive choice in 4G/5GG mobile routers

Several routers meet all security requirements for applications in healthcare facilities or hospitals and have the ability to connect analog devices.

Quick and easy set-up

Don’t let technology challenges hinder healthcare. With Capestone’s Plug & Play solutions, you can implement a wireless WAN solution for healthcare facilities within a day, without waiting for a wired line.

High data speed, reliability and high security

You have the option to purchase a fixed IP address, your own APN or VPN on this service so that you can build a secure mobile network, from the Edge to your Cloud environment.

Improve patient care 24/7/365

Provide non-stop WAN uptime for medical professionals via LTE and 5G, and use SD-WAN intelligence to keep critical information moving at the desired speed.

Cloud & Monitoring

Remotely manage, monitor and analyze your routers through reliable, fast and secure data connections.


As you may expect. Extensive experience in this sector on hardware and wireless communication.

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