Defects & returns

If you notice a defect in a device that you bought from us, you can return it, if it meets the conditions.

Handling by Capestone.

If your product belongs to one of the brands below, Capestone will handle the RMA. Please follow the instructions in this RMA-form.

  • Cradlepoint (only for routers that were sold without a package)
  • Huawei
  • RugGear
  • Sierra Wireless
  • Teltonika

If after checking the product, it turns out that it is not defective, we are forced to charge you €25,00 of research costs and €12,00 administration and shipping costs. Do you have questions about your return? Please check if your question is listed in our FAQ, otherwise please contact: or call +31 (0)85 111 08 38.

RMA Capestone

Handling by manufacturer

If your product belongs to one of the brands listed below, please follow the RMA procedure indicated here. Hereby the manufacturer handles the procedure.


For routers purchased as a package – since April 2018: click here for more info on the limited lifetime warranty. Defects are handled by Cradlepoint. You can contact Cradlepoint by creating an account and reporting the problem via the ticket system. A support representative will then help you further.

Click below if you would first like more information about:

  1. Cradlepoint support service
  2. Return device agreement/ replacement.
  3. Technical support, Q&A, open a support ticket (create an account)


Defects are handled by DIL. The TCL dealer can report the defective item by creating an account at With this account, repairs can be easily arranged.

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