IoT/data sims for your connectivity solutions

Comgate is an innovative company that has been providing connectivity solutions to telecom & IT resellers, system integrators, distributors and service providers at home and abroad since 2015. As an independent Wireless Connectivity Service Provider, it offers different types of IoT/data sims for devices, machines and sensors to make them smarter and connect them to the Internet.

Specialisation in 4G/5G hardware & connectivity

As a sister company of Capestone, specialization in 4G/5G hardware and connectivity is bundled and can seamlessly fulfill any data need with corresponding network advice, at a competitive price. For the IoT/M2M and Mobile Broadband subscriptions, Comgate works with several network providers, characterized by their high coverage and uptime.

Because not every customer and IoT project is the same, the subscriptions are scalable and network independent for more flexibility. A complete offering: for small to large data consumption on 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and Cat-M.

The offer

  • IoT/M2M EU Bundels.
  • Mobile Broadband.
  • Managed All-In one Solutions.
Comgate we bring iot together

Unique about Comgate

  • IoT specialist.
  • Independent connectivity partner.
  • Extensive portfolio of data subscriptions for the Netherlands, Europe or Worldwide.
  • Postpaid and prepaid models.
  • Network independent; with all imaginable subscriptions partners and resellers can serve their customer, at a competitive price.
  • With Comgate eSIM technology you can sell multiple networks and data solutions to customers.
  • Available in white label or wholesale.
  • All data solutions conveniently arranged in 1 portal and through 1 billing engine.
  • Possibility to purchase Managed All-In One Solutions in subscription form.
  • Short lines, great advantage over the operators is that you receive the service you expect. Comgate directly pick up the phone, personal contact with a fixed contact person and directly answer your questions.
Mobile broadband Comgate

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