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More and more companies are looking for a fast and stable internet connection. 4G LTE/ 5G wireless broadband offers the ideal solution here. Through our specialization in 4G/5G hardware and connectivity, powered by IoT Service Provider Comgate, we can provide a suitable solution for any application and at any location.

Through years of experience in various industries, we now also offer total solutions specifically for the industry you work in. We combine hardware, accessories and connectivity into a managed total solution. What’s ideal about the All-In One package is that you pay for it monthly in a subscription format. During the term, you benefit from our service, remote management portal(s) and expertise.

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Why choose for All-In One ?

The right combination of hardware, accessories, connectivity and SLA.

Fully managed service; management of the complete service is provided by Capestone.

If you have questions, you have access to our Support Department so you can focus on business-critical issues.

All hardware is fully configured to your needs.

No investment required.

Plug & Play.

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A good internet connection can provide enhanced navigation capabilities (nautical charts, weather reports, the location of the nearest marina), additional entertainment for crew and guests and secure business communications. More and more national and international companies in the maritime sector are choosing a 4G LTE / 5G solution. For their primary or secondary internet connection at sea. In addition to speed and stability, the reliability of the Internet is also important. A robust outdoor router with IP67 certification delivers the desired result. Are the requirements for the mobile 4G / 5G data connection business-critical? We choose a router with failover functionality for automatically switching to another internet connection if the main connection fails. Bandwidth bonding ensures that the router ties all active bandwidth (via Ethernet and 4G) together into a single super-fast data stream. We combine our hardware with our service in 1 total package in a subscription format.

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maritime internet


Fast and reliable Internet in vehicles is essential for drivers and passengers. Tasks that require a lot of bandwidth such as streaming or video conferencing often pose problems. The ideal mobile internet router for a bus or car is robust, compact, has high bandwidth and offers WiFi. And when you want to be able to track vehicles or goods, choose a router with GPS. There are many choices that we, as experts, can properly advise on. To make it easy for you, Capestone has created a complete package including; router, accessories, connectivity and full configuration and service level agreement (SLA).

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transport 4g


Construction sites today need connectivity for productivity, numerous cameras, sensors and IoT devices. A reliable network increases the productivity and safety of construction sites. Capestone’s total solutions provide assistance with this digitization. Do you need temporary internet on the construction site? No problem! We create the combination of hardware, antenna and connectivity specifically for construction. Thanks to the IP65 rating of the selected router, it can withstand all kinds of weather conditions on the construction site. Easily create different WiFi points on the construction site by the included Access Points. And continue to make a simple VPN connection over a 4G/5G connection, completely secure. In short, all-in-one including support!

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construction 4g


The All-In One package specifically for Enterprise is used as the primary internet connection or Fixed Wireless Access. A very suitable alternative to an ADSL, VDSL or fiber connection. Flexible, a simple set-up and the speed of the connection also ensures that 4G or 5G based Internet connection can be used in all kinds of applications including the outdoors and for temporary or permanent business locations. Also very suitable as a Backup in case of failure of your fixed internet connection / fiber connection. The All-in-One package of Capestone offers super fast and stable wireless internet in the office and consists of the combination of a 5G router, connectivity, an external 5G antenna and the necessary accessories. Includes; extensive security network capabilities and remote management.

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The advent of Wireless Wan, like many other industries, is leading to a digital revolution. For example, it is used to link payment terminals, ATMs and video surveillance, and the advent of Internet of Things has added even more applications. Analyzing customer behavior or counting visitor numbers, for example. You get to know the customer even better and can respond accordingly.

Reliable 4G/5G connectivity stimulates customer experiences and makes critical applications and services possible, such as WiFi for your employees and customers. Do you want internet in your store to connect everything to your customer and beyond? Capestone has the All-in One solution for retail for you.

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retail 4g

Industrial IoT

With our All-In One package for Industrial IoT, you have a mobile network that is flexible and easy to implement. It enables you to optimize your manufacturing, operational, production and transport processes. The ability to remotely manage machines and equipment reduces labor costs and increases efficiency. With the possibilities of 4G/5G hardware and connectivity to connecting protocols such as Wi-Fi, data from your connected devices is securely unlocked which also simplifies Edge Computing. Do you want to be sure that the combination of hardware, accessories and connectivity is optimal for your application? Then Capestone would like to help you with an All-in-One solution especially for Industrial IoT.

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industrial iot

Managed solution

Capestone offers you a complete managed service with the All-in One Solutions. The complete management of the service is taken care of by Capestone & Comgate. In case of questions, you can contact our Support department so that you can continue to focus on other matters.

The ideal thing about the All-In One package is that your client pays this monthly in a subscription. A pre-investment in hardware is no longer necessary. We make the combination of hardware, accessories and connectivity. For each sector we have looked at the most suitable hardware and data bundle that meets your needs and requirements. During the term, you benefit from our service, remote management portal(s) and expertise.

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Tailor-made configuration

The hardware in the purchased All-in One Solution is fully configured according to your wishes, so that you can immediately start using the mobile Internet solution upon receipt. The configuration is discussed, tested and implemented together with our Capestone engineer. The following configuration possibilities belong to standard in the package:

  • Setting the APN in the router.
  • Installing a SIM card.
  • Setting up one or more SSIDs and WiFi networks
  • Setting security policy
  • LAN/WAN settings
  • Set the data cap in the router
  • Set data cap in the sim management portal
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Full configuration made to measure with Partner and/or end customer.
  • Introduction meeting with partner and end customer.
  • Remote and on-premise pre-sales support by a Capestone networking engineer (NE) or partner manager (PM)
  • Remote project management by certified engineers
  • Adding and/or removing accessories or components. Think antennas, power supply, cables or other hardware.

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