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In cooperation with IoT Service Provider Comgate, Capestone is a business partner of KPN IoT. For our IoT/M2M and Mobile Broadband subscriptions we work together with several network providers, characterized by their high coverage and uptime. KPN IoT is an important partner for Comgate, because KPN has stood for its quality network for many years. Customers can always count on privacy and security being the top priority.

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The offer

  • Mobile Broadband subscriptions in cooperation with KPN IoT

By offering mobile internet at any location for all your devices, you get the most out of technology. The KPN IoT SIM cards are not completely network independent but have more than 600 roaming partners worldwide, so reception is always excellent. Depending on your needs, we offer a competitive solution, always combined with personal attention and technical knowledge.

  • M2M Connectivity of KPN IoT

M2M connectivity from KPN IoT is a basic building block for all your IoT solutions and is based on the fundamentals of mobile telephony and the standards described in the 3GPP of the GSMA. As such, the solution is similar to subscriptions provided for smartphones or tablets, but M2M connectivity has been extended and customized with additional features for easy implementation, deployment and management of your IoT solution. In addition, M2M connectivity as a building block is fully scalable, making it easy to grow.

KPN IoT app

Unique about our KPN IoT proposition;

  • Managed IoT sim cards on Cisco Jasper platform
  • We offer Premium Support
  • Extensive portfolio of IoT data plans for the Netherlands, Europe or Worldwide.
  • From 1MB to 1.000GB per SIM pooled.
  • Possibility of own APN/VPN
  • Advanced Services including Secure SIM, IMEI whitelisting, API & Analytics
  • Resellers can choose their own Branded Portal and wholesale reporting feed
  • Possibility for Billing on Behalf and Whitelabel
  • Postpaid and prepaid propositions.
  • All data solutions clearly presented in 1 portal and through 1 billing engine.
  • Short lines, a great advantage is that you receive the service that you expect. Comgate directly picks up the phone, personal contact with a standard contact person and directly answers your questions.
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