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Asset tracking warehouse
Construction Industrial IoT Maritime Transportation

Track & Trace

Capestone offers a wide range of track and trace equipment specifically for professional applications. For example, trac

wireless connectivity city
Construction Enterprise Industrial IoT Maritime Retail Small Office / Home Surveillance Transportation

Load balancing

Load Balancing is a term we hear regularly when talking about 4G/5G router solutions. But what exactly does this term me

4G 5G mast
Construction Enterprise Industrial IoT Maritime Retail Small Office / Home Surveillance Transportation

Wireless to the max with our Poynting antennas!

A mobile internet solution (Wireless WAN) consists of a combination of a 4G/5G router, a data SIM card and a 4G/5G anten

5G portfolio zyxel
Construction Enterprise Small Office / Home Surveillance

Optimize & accelerate your company’s data traffic with Zyxels 5G NR devices

Several network equipment manufacturers are coming out with 5G products. One of them is Zyxel. They specialize with thei

ATEX logo
Industrial IoT Transportation

Industry and professions where risk of explosion (and may require ATEX certified devices)

In order to quickly determine whether your (potential) customers need explosion-proof devices for ATEX zone 1/21 or 2/22


Mobile internet solutions for motorhomes and caravans in Europe

Last week summer time officially started. For many Dutch people, this is the starting signal to go on the road again wit

Lte and 5G routers from Cradlepoint enable transformation in healthcare industry

Developments such as electronic health records, telemedicine and the Internet of Things are pushing the boundaries of ho

Enterprise Industrial IoT Retail Smart City Surveillance

What is LoRaWAN technology?

LoRaWAN is a technology that we have been hearing for several years now. Yet we notice with partners and customers that

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