Wireless networking products of Ubiquiti

Ubiquiti is an American tech company founded in 2005. With the goal of connecting everyone everywhere. This manufacturer provides a comprehensive portfolio of wireless networking products for both consumer and business markets, including indoor access points, outdoor access points, WiFi 6 routers, switches and cameras.

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The Ubiquiti portfolio at Capestone is divided in five main categoriesn:


Ubiquiti routers have extensive capabilities for configuring your home network or business network. Capestone has several Ubiquiti routers in its portfolio, such as the AmpliFi router. This is suitable for providing an office building over several floors with a stable WiFi signal with the Ubiquiti AmpliFi AFi-HD Multiroom Mesh WiFi system. The Ubiquiti EdgeRouter are more suitable for a business system. It is fully self-configurable.

Ubiquiti AmpliFi AFi-HD Multiroom Mesh WiFi systeem


A switch acts as an essential building block for any network. It connects multiple devices, such as a computer, printer or server on the same network within a building. Capestone offers several Ubiquite switches. These differ in the number of LAN/WAN ports, PoE+ support and switching capacity, among other things.

Acces Points

Connect a Ubiquiti access point to your router to create a larger wireless network. Ubiquiti offers a wide range of access points, from cloud managed indoor models to outdoor long range access points.

Cloud Keys

With a Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key, you manage all your UniFi devices from 1 central point, wherever you are.


Capestone has two Ubiquiti cameras in its portfolio. Among other things, these provide clear video images day and night with automatic, integrated infrared night lighting. The included mounting accessories allow installation in almost any indoor location. Video recordings can also be automatically stored on an NVR or NAS.

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