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Capestone is the specialized distributor for 4G/5G mobile Internet solutions, IoT networks and critical communications. For more than a decade, we have provided 4G/5G mobile Internet solutions to telecom & IT resellers, system integrators, service providers and manufacturers worldwide. This means making mobile Internet available everywhere, even where it is not yet. Think of Internet in the bus, train, car or boat, but also a 4G/5G solution as a backup if the fixed Internet connection goes down or as a primary Internet solution “5G for Enterprises. With our specialization in 4G/5G networking, IoT connectivity and wireless networking, we make this possible in any location, for any application in any industry, in any country.

We bring IoT together with the following principles, guidelines for our way of thinking and doing things.
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Capestone is the Benelux market leader in the distribution of 4G/5G mobile Internet & IoT networks and critical communications.

We see more and more partners taking our complete portfolio. Thus, almost all mobile networking devices are provided with smart data connectivity to create a reliable and fast Internet connection at all times. Work environments are made safer and more efficient through the use of mission critical walkie-talkie devices (rugged/ Atex proof) and these locations are often provided with a private network for even more control over users. Complementary solutions that help end users in optimizing their business processes. Together with our partners, we differentiate ourselves in the market. Technology requires expertise, and we are happy to provide it together!

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Technology requires expertise, and we are happy to provide it together! By making devices smart and “connected,” efficiencies can be So companies can optimize their services and products and get the most out of them. We provide customization, personal attention and project support in the technical and commercial areas.



Capestone’s product range is carefully curated and extensively tested. Our portfolio focuses on IoT and Mobile Internet solutions with 4G/5G routers, IoT gateways, sensors, software and IoT / Mobile Broadband connectivity. The brands we distribute include Cradlepoint, Huawei, Peplink, Teltonika, Ubiquiti and TCL. With more than 1 million 4G/5G routers in the field, an IoT service provider as a sister company and more than a decade of experience in delivering high performance mobile (private) networks and IoT solutions, we have mastered the world of IoT & Wireless WAN.

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We have our own specialized role within the eco-system of enterprise 4G/5G solutions. By collaborating with complementary parties, we achieve the optimal result. Capestone buys directly from its suppliers, providing short lines of communication and full support. We offer several tools that partners can take advantage of to really differentiate themselves commercially and technically (trainings, workshops, business case support, POCs, demo devices & Marketing support).

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Jos Ouwerkerk

Jos Ouwerkerk

Managing Director
Barbara Mulder

Barbara Mulder

Marketing Director
Vanessa Claessen

Vanessa Claessen

Global Sales Director IoT

Cris van Dalen

Business Unit Manager 4G/5G Private Networks
Patrick Eijsackers

Patrick Eijsackers

Sales Director Critical Communications
Nico Deconinck

Nico Deconinck

Country Manager Belgium & France

Juriaan Buikema

Product Manager IoT
Antonio Sanches

Antonio Sanches

Sales & Category Manager IoT
Ferdi Ünver

Ferdi Ünver

Sales Manager 4G/5G Wireless WAN & IoT
Nicky van den berg

Nicky van den Berg

Manager of Operations & Support
Sam van der STeen

Sam van der Steen

Partner Manager IoT
Steijn Bol Capestone

Steijn Bol

Manager Sales Operations
Stefan Hoeven

Stefan Hoeven

Support Engineer

Thomas de Haan

Support Engineer
Jake Vliegenthart

Jake Vliegenthart

Finance Manager

Chantal van der Burg

Financial Officer

Yvette van Tooren

Partner Manager IoT

Jonathan Nelson

Country Manager UK

Leonie van Leeuwen

HR Manager

Corné Pronk

Employee Order Processing

Dylan Jonker

Support Engineer
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