Digital revolution in the retail industry

Wireless Wan has led to a digital revolution in the retail industry. Connecting pay terminals, ATMs and video surveillance; Capestone has been providing reliable 4G/5G connectivity for years to boost the customer experience and enable critical applications and services in stores. We are happy to help you find the right 4G/5G hardware for wireless internet in your store.

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Our offer and the benefits

Fixed Wireless Access

Mobile internet is increasingly used as a primary internet connection instead of an ADSL, VDSL or fiber connection.

Implement in hours, not months

From grand openings to pop-up stores, Wireless Wan provides fast and reliable connectivity on day 1 so you don’t have to wait months for a wired line.

Backup in case of failure

Choose your router with a lot of bandwidth. As a primary internet connection and as a Backup in case of failure of your fixed internet connection/fiber connection.

Reliable network

A reliable network increases your organization’s productivity.

WiFi for more than 250 employees

Several 5G routers provide standard WiFi access for more than 250 employees. Easily increase this range through additional access points.

Internet for cash registers, ATMs and alarm systems

Easily link your cash register system, ATMs and alarm system to the network.

Reach customers

Use Wireless Wan to connect kiosks, vending machines, pop-up stores and more – and meet your customers wherever they are.

Cloud management system

Manage and set up the router remotely to manage your store.


Extensive experience in this sector on hardware and wireless communications.

Retail all in one solutions

The advent of Wireless Wan, like many other industries, is leading to a digital revolution. For example, it is used to link ATMs, cash registers and video surveillance, and the advent of Internet of Things has added even more applications. Analyzing customer behavior or counting visitor numbers, for example. You get to know the customer even better and can respond accordingly.

Reliable 4G/5G connectivity stimulates customer experiences and enables critical applications and services, such as WiFi for your employees and customers. Do you want internet in your store to connect everything to your customer and beyond? Capestone has the All-in One solution for retail for you. Consisting of the combination of a 4G router, connectivity, an external 5G antenna and the necessary accessories. Including extensive security network capabilities and remote management. The complete management of the service is provided by Capestone & Comgate.

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