Internet at home or in the office

A 4G/5G router with data SIM card is ideal for getting Internet in your home or office. Complemented by access points from TP-Link or Ubiquiti, a 4G/5G router provides a fast and secure WiFi network for smartphones, laptops, tablets, gaming computers and other hardware. Brands such as TCL, Huawei and Zyxel specialize with their 5G router portfolio on 5G Fixed Wireless Access solutions for consumer, Small Office, Home Office and SMB markets.

Capestone has been a distributor of 4G/5G routers of various consumer brands including Huawei Netherlands and TCL for more than 15 years. For example, Huawei’s 4G routers are fast, inexpensive and feature beautiful design. We are happy to help you find the best 4G/5G solution for wireless Internet at home and in the office including a suitable data SIM card.

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The benefits

Fixed Wireless Access

Cellular wireless has increasingly being used and becoming the preferred broadband connectivity instead of an ADSL, VDSL or fiber optic connection.

Permanent or temporary locations

Our offering provides the ability to create reliable network connectivity in both fixed and temporary locations.

Next wave of network transformation

Choose a router that significantly increases coverage, maintains stable high-speed connections and supports up to 1,000 simultaneous connections.

Pair up devices easily

Connect a VoIP device to your router. If desired, an external antenna can be connected for better reception and the set can be expanded with a switch and multiple WiFi access points if needed.

Backup in case of failure

Choose your router with a lot of bandwidth. As a primary internet connection and as a backup in the event of a failure of your fixed internet connection / fiber optic connection.

Reliable network

A reliable network increases productivity


As you might expect. We have extensive experience in SMB and home wireless Internet.

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