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Together with IoT Service Provider Comgate, Capestone offers: Managed 4G/5G Solutions. These are All-In One total solutions for a fast, secure and reliable internet connection. The various packages are specially designed to take the hassle out of figuring out, configuring, installing and commissioning wireless broadband solutions. Ideally of this solutions is that you pay for it monthly in a subscription form, making investment in hardware unnecessary. During the term you will benefit from our service and expertise. The Capestone engineers ensure that the solution is complete and delivered fully preconfigured, including the necessary connectivity.

The composition of the 4G/5G Internet Solutions is based on a specific need. Discover our solutions!

Tijdelijk Internet

4G/5G Temporary Internet

Complete solution for a temporary need.
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4G back-up restaurant

4G Back-up

Use 4G/5G as a backup or failover to a fixed internet connection.
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PSTN box lift

PSTN to 4G Gateway

An All-in-one solution to easily migrate analog / PSTN connections to a future fixed solution.
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5G Internet for SMEs / Home

A 5G Internet Solution for SMEs.
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All-In-One Solutions by industry

When you need a wireless internet connecttion in a specific location such as the maritime sector, Comgate offers All-in One solutions specifically for your industry. Whether this is for your office, in retail or for vehicles. Comgate makes the combination of hardware, accessories and connectivity. Per industry we looked for the most appropriate hardware and data bundle that meets your needs and wants. Besides our standard packages we also offer customization. With over ten years experience in Wireless WAN we have a solution for any challenge at any location!

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Differentiate yourself in the market with white label 4G/5G solutions

Our 4G/5G Solutions can be purchased as a white label service. This means that as a partner of Capestone and Comgate you will receive a box in your own branding. You can also choose multiple industries and applications (including IoT, Retail, Maritime, Backup, Construction, Events, Temporary Internet and Failover) and jointly work this concept out with us. Where all hardware, connectivity, accessories, configuration and support are executed and financed by Capestone and IoT Service Provider Comgate. The service includes SLA and is purchased and resold as a monthly subscription. As a partner you will benefit from 20% airtime in the process.

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Use case KiesZon

KiesZon has been an important designer of the solar revolution in the Netherlands since 2009. Within an operational lease, roof rental or purchase construction, they organize the development, financing, realization and operation of large-scale solar power projects on roofs or in field installations. KiesZon searched for a 4G total solution for detecting and resolving faults in its solar power projects.

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