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CommScope (NASDAQ: COMM) is an international network infrastructure provider. One of the specializations concerns the portfolio of in-building mobile systems and solutions: “ONECELL”. ONECELL helps enterprises and providers worldwide meet the growing demand for reliable LTE and 5G services where they matter most: indoors. It combines multi-operator LTE and 5G coverage with a simple Wi-Fi-like deployment model to cost-effectively meet business needs for commercial mobile services and private LTE and 5G networks. ONECELL’s hardware, software and management interfaces are consistent with emerging open RAN architectures and standards.

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ONECELL expands wireless potential for indoor LTE and 5G

CommScope delivers a strong mobile signal in buildings of virtually any size with ONECELL. Robust radio points extend the signal to adjacent outdoor spaces such as courtyards and parking lots. ONECELL’s single-cell architecture eliminates border interference and call interruptions due to handovers.

ONECELL uses Ethernet as its primary LAN, making it compatible with standard IT networks. A patented single-cell architecture eliminates cell boundaries to dramatically simplify RF planning and eliminate boundary interference common with older stand-alone small cells.

To meet the business and operational needs of any organization, CommScope offers multiple ways to manage ONECELL, including cloud-hosted Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and device management systems. The private LTE or 5G solution can be purchased through Capestone and its partners in a CAPEX or OPEX model, including configuration, installation and management.

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How does ONECELL work?

The ONECELL system consists of multiple radio points distributed throughout a building. They are connected via standard Ethernet switches and cabling to a centralized Baseband Controller. Together, the radio points behave as one physical cell in the covered space. With joint transmission and reception between radio points, ONECELL provides consistent coverage and high data rates in large offices and public areas.

ONECELL is a modular, multi-operator, in-building 4G/LTE and 5G wireless solution. The system consists of:

  • The Baseband Controller. This device is responsible for performing all baseband processing and scheduling, and it coordinates transmitter and receiver functions across all Radio Points.
  • Radio points. The radio points transmit and receive radio frequency (RF) signals over the air and perform some low-1 baseband processing.
  • Standard Gigabit Ethernet links and Ethernet switches. Capestone, in partnership with CommScope, can provide all necessary cabling and switching.

The Device Management System enables automated delivery and ongoing support. CommScope aims to serve and expand the wireless building market in partnership with neutral hosts and mobile operators. Our ONECELL C-RAN small cell system and DMS are designed specifically to meet the needs of multi-operator, neutral hosted deployments. Together, we are enabling the future of wireless buildings.

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