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Capestone distributes ZyXEL’s wireless broadband solutions throughout the European Union. Capestone supplies the ZyXEL portfolio to resellers, system integrators, enterprise customers, ISPs, government agencies  and service providers. Besides that, we also offer training, project support, product deliveries and technical support.

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ZyXEL 4G/5G products are broadly applicable. For example, the ZyXEL NR2101 5G is a convenient 5G MiFis with high download speeds and an extensive set of frequency bands so that the mobile router can be deployed in many places around the world. And the ZyXEL 5G router can be used as a primary network connection, but can also act as a backup for the current network. In addition, the NR7101 has industrial qualities and with its outdoor-friendly design is weather resistant against: IP68: water, dust, dirt and sand resistant.

Zyxel Nebula Control Center

Recently, ZyXEL now also has its own platform for the routers: NR5101 and NR7101 called: Nebula Control Center. The Nebula Control Center (NCC) allows you to remotely connect to the Zyxel router and configure, monitor and manage it without any complexity. Via the website or app you will see a clear dashboard with information about the connected users, the number of connected devices, the status of the network and activities within the network.

Nebula Control Center (NCC)

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