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I.Safe MOBILE, founded over 11 years ago in Germany, is one of the brands that Capestone offers in its ATEX equipment range. I.Safe MOBILE is an expert in mobile communication devices that provide safety in hazardous areas. Its products are tested and certified worldwide by reputable notified bodies to ensure they meet all country-specific requirements. I.Safe MOBILE incorporates all international standards into product development and is also a member of relevant standardization committees. To meet all explosion protection requirements, products are developed from the ground up, so that users around the world can be sure that they are using high-quality communication technology that is up to date with current standards.

The services and all activities around the development of mobile explosion-proof devices – from the idea to production and beyond. The MOBILE offering is therefore a competent addition to our entire robust offering. Capestone offers the: Phones, Smartphones and Tablets from MOBILE. test

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