Expanding the existing network with a switch

A switch acts as an essential building block for any network. It connects multiple devices, such as a computer, printer or server on the same network within a building. In this way, connected devices can share information and communicate with each other. In addition, there is a difference between unmanaged and managed switches, where the unmanaged switch can be seen as a basic device that provides network port expansion for the existing network. On the other hand, the managed switch can be fully managed according to one’s own wishes, where, for example, the speed or security can be determined per port.

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Capestone’s product portfolio is carefully curated and extensively tested. Our portfolio is focused on IoT and mobile Internet solutions with 4G/5G routers, IoT gateways, sensors, software and IoT / Mobile Broadband connectivity.

Market leader in the Benelux

Capestone is the market leader in the Benelux in the field of distribution of 4G/5G Wireless WAN & IoT.

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By working together with complementary parties, we achieve the optimal result. Capestone buys directly from its suppliers, so that there are short lines and full support.


For more than 10 years, as a value added distributor, we have ensured that our resellers and partners always receive maximum support for projects, requests and other customer and tender processes. If you need help selecting the right router, we will be happy to help. With our extensive experience in various industries, our 4G/5G solutions ensure that customers always have access to fast and secure mobile Internet, wherever they are.

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Teltonika TSW100 rugged industrial switch
hardware and connectivity combination

Combine your 4G/5G hardware directly with data sim

Because of our specialization in 4G/5G hardware and connectivity, we can seamlessly fulfill any data need with corresponding network advice, at a competitive price. As an independent IoT Service Provider, sister company Comgate offers you different types of IoT/data sims for devices, machines and sensors to make them smarter and connect to the internet. Comgate cooperates with different suppliers and thus offers a complete range from IoT/M2M bundles to mobile broadband subscriptions on 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G and Cat-M.

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