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In collaboration with IoT Service Provider Comgate, we are business partners with T-Mobile.  With a ‘challenger mindset’, T-Mobile and Capestone have a common goal: to give everyone access to the best network in the Netherlands. In 2020, T-Mobile was named the best mobile network in the Netherlands by Umlaut (formerly P3 Group) for the 5th year in a row. Customers can always count on privacy and security being the top priority.

The offer

  • A High Data Sim is the ideal SIM card to bring internet to places where there is none. But also for security and for example as an extra service to customers (guest wifi). The sim cards are not completely network independent, but have over 300 roaming partners worldwide so always excellent reception.
  • Unlimited NL – In cooperation with Comgate we offer the Unlimited* subscription that provides worry-free access to the T-Mobile network in the Netherlands. You can go online without worry with a 4G/5G router, 4G/5G MiFi or a 4G/5G USB dongle from Capestone.

*Don’t Push it Policy
*Not for loose resale

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