Narrowcasting enabled by 4G LTE solution in buses

Alphatron Security Automotive is a specialist in the development and application of camera and communication systems for use in mobility, from automotive to rolling stock. Since its establishment in 2007, a lot of expertise has been built up. Alphatron Security Automotive is driven by the continuous ambition to develop systems that are unique in the branch with creativity, knowledge and enthusiasm. The offering of Wireless Wan in the buses of Connexxion was completed together with Capestone. A leading and important project in which the digital signage was central for various applications for the passenger. More and more, travel time is used to read the news online, answer important e-mails or do some online shopping. Access to a reliable and stable internet connection improves customer satisfaction for your passengers.

 Dave Opperman, Accountmanager at Alphatron Security Automotive router.
“Capestone is the best option for us as a partner in this project. They are experts in the field of 4G/5G hardware and contributed well to the entire rollout. For the hardware, we chose Cradlepoint”. Dave Opperman, Account Manager at Alphatron Security Automotive router.
Dave Opperman, Accountmanager at Alphatron Security Automotive router.


Connexxion wanted to make digital signage available with a Wireless Wan solution. In digital signage information is passed on to passengers through screens. This information relates to travel information, news items or advertisements. Besides narrowcasting, a wireless internet connection also makes other applications available in the bus, such as camera security and WiFi for passengers in the bus. More security and comfort for the traveler.

4G solution Connexxion

Rugged and industrial router

For the hardware, Cradlepoint was chosen. For creating 4G LTE internet access in the bus, Capestone recommended and delivered the Cradlepoint IBR600C. This 4G router is ideal for buses because it is robust and resistant to vibrations and shocks. Remote management of the routers and being able to guarantee a safe mobile internet connection is guaranteed by the management and application platform: NetCloud. This allows Alphatron Security Automotive to quickly deploy and dynamically manage networks at geographically dispersed locations, as well as continuously monitor them. Integrating Netcloud with the routers creates the opportunity to improve productivity, increase reliability and reduce costs.

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