Connectivity for Red Cross command unit

The Red Cross was founded on the desire to provide assistance, without discrimination, to those injured on the battlefield. The organization strives – in its national and international capacity – to prevent and alleviate human suffering wherever it occurs. Its goal is to protect lives and health and ensure respect for people. The Red Cross promotes mutual understanding, friendship, cooperation and lasting peace among all peoples. The Red Cross in Germany uses Command Support Unit vehicles that are equipped with various devices such as a printer, cameras and computer. To function properly, all these devices must be connected to a secure and stable network. Capestone supplied the Red Cross here with a suitable 4G router to create the network.

Business Challenge

Technology and surveillance systems are playing an increasingly important, integral role in supporting public health. In case of outbreaks, but also in other urgent public health situations and accidents. With this ongoing technological development, we see a clear trend, where most solutions regarding communication, operational effectiveness and transparency need to be connected. This becomes a real challenge when it comes to in-vehicle applications, and a vital importance when people’s health and safety are at stake.

Red Cross


As shown in the topology below, the solution consists of various computer and communication equipment with which the command unit vehicle of the Red Cross organization is equipped. This control unit serves as a command and control post during large and significant incidents. The communication system includes telephone and fax equipment as well as a radio system that is deployed exclusively at the location of the incident. It is a fully equipped mobile office for the mission leader and his support staff.

Topology Red Cross
Red Cross

Use of 2 routers

The vehicle is equipped with a 6KV power generator and a USV Battery System that can operate for more than 12 hours without an external power supply. Therefore, mobile technology plays a crucial role in ensuring mission critical connectivity. The Teltonika Network device – RUTX11 had to pass rigorous tests before being installed in the unit-vehicle designed for the most demanding tasks. Not one, but two RUTX11 4G LTE Cat 6 routers are used and are interconnected to switch between 4 mobile providers.

Teltonika RutX11

The RUTX11 meets the stringent security requirements of the Red Cross. This rugged industrial router is able to provide fast and reliable connectivity with a bandwidth of up to 300 Mbps. In addition – with 2 SIM card holders in each device – this solution can broaden connectivity across four different providers. Dual WiFi allows multiple devices to be connected such as PDA and drones, with the RMS (Remote Management System) allowing for easy device setup and wireless management of critical hardware ‘behind’ the router.

In this solution, the mobile routers are vital in ensuring secure and reliable communications with the mission leadership headquarters. They provide connectivity to the systems and equipment on board the vehicles:

  • Voice over IP for telephone and fax connectivity
  • CCTV cameras
  • Drone connectivity
  • Real-time live tracking of the rescue team
  • Critical map server

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