What does Wireless WAN mean?

Wireless WAN means providing internet access through a wireless network or a mobile hotspot. LTE networks are faster than ever before. With the advent of 5G and fixed low prices, Wireless WAN, or wide area networks has become the leading networking option for many business applications. It connects people, places and things everywhere combined with greater simplicity, flexibility and security.

Wireless WAN is the future

Mobile Internet has always been ideal for business continuity and providing connectivity in places where cables cannot go, such as vehicles and the maritime sector. Today’s LTE networks are everywhere and getting faster with the deployment of Gigabit LTE and 5G. Falling fixed prices for connectivity have eliminated the fear of data overruns. In short all the reasons for businesses, retail chains and other fixed locations to choose Wireless WAN as their preferred broadband connection. As cloud applications, mobility and IoT devices continue to proliferate, Wireless WAN enables a flexible and unified approach to connecting people, places and things everywhere. It uniquely combines range and reliability with greater simplicity, agility and security – exactly what you are looking for in the next generation of network transformation.

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Mobile Internet provides a diverse and protected connection that avoids challenges such as excavators and falling trees. Furthermore, cloud management software allows organizations to precisely control network traffic while ensuring high availability.


Mobile Internet has integrated security features that go beyond wired connections, including SIM card authentication and private APNs, which are provider-provided private networks.

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With cloud-managed wireless edge solutions, LTE and 5G are simple to deploy and easy to move. Endpoints can be effortlessly moved to a new room or location without the hassle and expense of pulling a new outdoor cable.

Fast and ever faster

LTE is already going much faster than many types of wired connections, especially since the advent of Gigabit-Class LTE. These fiber-like speeds continue to increase as 5G is rolled out in more cities.

Easy to scale

From buildings and vehicles to IoT devices and personnel, enterprise networks can grow incredibly fast. Mobile networks are designed to support millions of endpoints across a seamless nationwide footprint.

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