AINA PTT (Push-To-Talk) is a brand that specializes in developing advanced wireless communication systems. Designed to optimize communication for professionals in the field, these wireless speaker-microphone combinations are compatible with smartphones and dedicated communication networks.

Designed to be rugged and reliable, the products are the perfect solution for real-time voice communications in the most demanding environments. With durability and ease of use in mind, AINA PTT’s products are an essential tool for teams in sectors such as security, logistics, event management, as well as industry.

Connectivity and Integration

The AINA PTT equipment uses Bluetooth technology for a secure and stable connection to mobile devices and networks. It supports various communication platforms and can be easily integrated with existing systems, simplifying the transition to digital communication solutions.


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Key benefits

  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with a wide range of devices and networks.
  • Ruggedness: Designed for use in demanding environments, resistant to dust and water.
  • Long Battery Life: Provides a reliable communication solution during long working days.
  • Ease of use: Simple operation ensures efficient communication without interrupting workflow.
  • Secure Communication: Encrypted connections protect against unauthorized access to communications.
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Industries for the AINA PTT products

AINA PTT products can be used in a variety of industries and are perfectly suited for use in the following industries.

Airport Services & Ground Handling

The AINA PTT allows ground personnel at airports to communicate quickly and effectively. It helps coordinate baggage handling, escorting aircraft on the ground and managing maintenance teams, essential for maintaining tight flight schedules.

Transportation, Trucking & Logistics

In the logistics industry where on-time deliveries and route optimization are crucial, AINA PTT ensures that drivers and dispatchers can communicate clearly and uninterrupted, increasing the efficiency of freight transportation.

Construction & Cranes

AINA PTT enables teams to communicate effectively on noisy construction sites. The device is indispensable for crane operators and ground personnel to ensure safety during complex maneuvers and construction work.

Mining & Tunnels

In underground mining and tunneling environments, where traditional communications are challenging, AINA PTT offers a robust solution that can withstand extreme conditions and help ensure safe work operations.


On the production floor where machines and assembly lines are in constant motion, AINA PTT provides a direct line of communication between team members, improves coordination and helps resolve technical problems quickly.


For security personnel, real-time communication is vital. AINA PTT provides a discreet and direct form of communication essential for rapid incident response and coordination of security protocols.

Public Safety

Emergency services such as police, fire and ambulances use AINA PTT for reliable and fast communication during emergencies, which is crucial for saving lives and protecting the community.

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