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This high-end internet solution can be rented per month and is specially designed for anyone who wants to temporarily rent a fast internet connection in the Netherlands (also available for Europe) and cannot afford any downtime. The package is in combination with a high-end 4G router that can build a lightning fast WiFi connection to process data for all employees including VoIP telephony, uploading and downloading cloud files and sending print jobs over the network.

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Temporary internet Netherlands

Connectivity in The Netherlands

In the Temporary Internet Netherlands package, you will have an Unlimited Data subscription for the Netherlands. This subscription offers the highest data speed of T-Mobile via 4G in the Netherlands, without limitation*.

*Don’t push it policy

Included in this package

  • Unlimited 4G/5G Internet (*don’t push it policy)
  • Including 4G LTE Router
  • Includes external antenna for an optimal 4G signal
  • Includes Service Level Agreement: Business Hours
  • Fixed IP address included
  • WiFi for up to 64 devices simultaneously
  • Available within 48 hours
  • Plug & Play, easy to use
  • Technical support by our engineers
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temporary internet package

Additional information for your package

Delivery or installation

The Temporary Internet package can be delivered:

  1. Through the post at € 29.95
  2. By our technician who installs it at your location; on request.

Once our RMA department has checked your package, you will receive the deposit back within 7 working days. If any parts of the package are damaged, you will receive an overview of the costs. This amount will be deducted from the deposit. Please return the package in time: no later than 2 working days after the end of the agreed rental period. Example: Ordered on the 3th of April for 2 months, should be returned by 5th of June at the latest. If you rent for longer than 1 month, we will collect the rent via direct debit.

Payment and deposit

When you order, you pay 1 month’s rent in advance and a deposit of 150 euros. After the rental period you can return the Capestone Temporary Internet package to:

Capestone BV
Attn. department RMA
Haagse Schouwweg 6
2332 KG Leiden
The Netherlands

If you want to terminate your Temporary Internet package you must send an e-mail to stating “termination Temporary Internet package”.

Available within 48 hours
Available on a monthly basis
A-brand routers and antennas
4G LTE / 5G specialist
Direct assistance with technical questions
Customization possibilities

Use case GidPro

Whereas a normal corona test takes at least 24 hours to produce results, the results of a rapid test can sometimes be known within a minute. A fast and stable internet connection on location to inform visitors and use devices such as laptops is essential.

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Dutch Covid-19 Quick-Test lanes

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