Always and everywhere online during a drone operation

DroneLand is the all-in-one provider in the field of drones. This concerns the construction, sale, maintenance and repair of drones for both the professional and consumer market. From the moment drones are used professionally, DroneLand operates in the market as a ‘Drone Only’ company. This means that all services and activities are exclusively drone related.

The demand for drones has increased significantly in recent years. The company has grown significantly thanks to the experience that Droneland has gained within a growing customer base that ranges from government, fire departments, national police, film and TV professionals, photographers and real estate agents to freelancers in a wide range of industries. To address the user’s need to be online anytime, anywhere, Droneland cooperates with Capestone to offer 4G and 5G connectivity solutions.

Vincent van Schijndel - CEO Droneland
“We understand that every business customer has different needs. We look together with our customer at the application and additional requirements. Offering connectivity through 4G LTE and 5G is very complementary to our offerings.”
Vincent van Schijndel – CEO Droneland

Business challenge

Droneland is keen to provide targeted and personalized service to its diverse customer base. “We understand that every business customer has different needs. We like to look at the application and additional requirements together with our customer. Offering connectivity through 4G LTE and 5G is very complementary to our offering. Our users increasingly demand a stable, fast and secure internet connection during a drone operation. Both for live streaming of drone images with a live view in a command post or control room. As well as for live uploading of acquired drone data. This makes it possible for the user to send photos and videos directly to the office for immediate processing. It is also possible to send just recorded images directly to the customer, for example for a news item. Wireless Wan also offers the possibility to consult crucial data such as weather/meteo, notams and other drone related information on location. And last but not least; customers can work as they do at the office”.



Droneland has a diverse customer base. With 3 different brands; Teltonika Networks, Cradlepoint and Netgear there is an answer to every connectivity need. The Nighthawk M5 MiFi of Netgear offers a mobile internet hotspot in your hands. Compact and easy to take anywhere. In order to get the maximum return from a mobile internet environment, Cradlepoint was chosen. Government institutions and the Fire Brigade make use of it frequently. Remote management of the routers and the ability to guarantee a very secure mobile Internet connection is guaranteed by the management and application platform: NetCloud. Teltonika’s 4G routers are integrated into the all-in-one solution offered (Drone in Box). In addition, Droneland provides support for the necessary installation of the 4G routers.

IoT/Mobile broadband data sim

The 4G/5G routers are offered in conjunction with a data SIM card to access the data. “The  Unlimited T-Mobile sim card, offered by IoT Service Provider Comgate, matches well in coverage and uptime. This allows us to offer our customers the opportunity to easily establish a mobile internet network and to make carefree use of fast and mobile internet. For both controlling the drone remotely and sending data to the server.

Droneland 4G router


Offering these complementary 4G & 5G solutions enables Droneland to provide more value and service to customers. “Management, analysis and adding devices to the network we take care of four our customers. In order to provide good service, it is important to deal with a party that knows what they are talking about. This is the case with Capestone. The fact that Capestone offers 4G/5G hardware in combination with IoT/data sims is also an advantage for us”, says Vincent van Schijndel.


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