4G/5G Routers


With a 4G/5G router solution from Capestone, we ensure that you always and everywhere have access to fast and secure mobile internet, wherever you are. A solution for internet in the motorhome, as a 4G backup of the fixed internet connection or for Fixed Wireless Access, the applications of mobile internet are endless. As a specialized distributor of mobile internet solutions, Capestone offers an extensive portfolio of 4G/5G routers from A-brands such as: Cradlepoint, Huawei, Teltonika and Peplink.



Teltonika (86)
Cradlepoint (69)
i.Safe MOBILE (22)
Peplink (17)
QuWireless (12)
Capestone (9)
ZTE (9)
Sonim (7)
Klein Electronics (6)
Huawei (5)
Milesight (5)
4K Solutions (2)
AdvanceTec (2)
Comgate (2)
Sierra Wireless (2)
TCL (2)
Alcatel (1)
Bondix (1)
FRITZ!Box (1)
OPPO (1)
TP-Link (1)
Zyxel (1)
4G (79)
3G (53)
5G (27)
2G (25)
3G, 4G/LTE (1)
3G,4G,5G (1)
4G LTE, 3G (1)

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