Vuzix M4000

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The Vuzix M4000 is a powerful, business-like and smart pair of glasses. The M4000 possesses the revolutionary waveguide optics and is ergonomically designed weighing only 95 grams for long-lasting comfort.

  • 12.8 MP camera
  • 4K videostreaming
  • Field of view of 28 degrees
Capestone articlenumber: VUZ80002 | Vendor articlenumber: 490T00011 | EAN number: 0817370020893


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Vuzix M4000

Powerful blend of comfort and versatility

The Vuzix M4000 is the benchmark for the Smart Glasses industry. Ergonomically designed for all-day wear, these smart glasses are packaged in a rugged and functional design that can handle any work environment. The M4000 has plenty of flexible options such as native voice processing, motion tracking, head tracking and more.

Qualcomm SXR1 Platform

The Vuzix M4000 generation delivers more processing power with the move to the Qualcomm SXR1 platform with 8 cores and more RAM storage. With the Qualcomm Snapdragon XR1 processor built specifically for smart glasses and AR applications, Vuzix Smart Glasses delivers the highest level of performance in the industry. The mechanical design of the M4000 is rugged and waterproof for broader applications such as harsh environments where safety and durability are most needed.

Outstanding Camera

The screen of the M4000 has been upgraded to a waveguide-based lens mer DLP projection with increased resolution to WVGA (854×480) The powerful camera features a 12.8 MP autofocus camera and 4K video streaming. Thus, the M4000 offers the best video streaming and vision picking available!

Augmented Reality

The Vuzix M4000 goggles feature “Augumented Reality.” This is a live, direct or indirect, image of reality that merges digital instructions with the Waveguide optics. These added elements usually contain sensor data or additional information about the environment. Because the Waveguide is made transparent, there is minimal distraction to vision. At the same time, the wireless glasses are a complete AV communication tool for remote support applications. M4000 Smart Glasses enable safe remote work while keeping attention on the job and safely protecting the eyes.

Companion app

The companion app for Android and iOS enables easy setup and communication between the smartphone and M4000. The app benefits from monitoring for the smart glasses, access to apps and a keyboard. New apps are continually being added to the Vuzix Appstore to improve the efficiency, accuracy and capabilities of the Vuzix M4000.





Camera (MP)








Noise Cancelling


Operating System

Android 9.0 OS






  • Vuzix M4000 viewer with adjustable screen
  • USB-C battery
  • USB-C to USB-C power cable
  • USB-A to USB-C cable (for charging the USB-C battery)
  • M series lensless frames
  • Hard case for storage