Teltonika RUT956

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The Teltonika RUT956 is a 4G LTE router with I/O ports, RS232 and RS485. This makes it very suitable for M2M. Moreover, it has both wireless and fixed Ethernet connections and can both transmit and receive WiFi (WiFi as WAN). The RUT956 is the successor to the bestselling Teltonika RUT955. The RUT956 features all the best features of the RUT955. In addition, the RUT956 has a faster CPU, Mediatek MIPS 24Kc 580 MHz.

  • WiFi
  • 4 LAN/WAN ports
  • 5 I/O ports
Capestone articlenumber: TEL60097 | Vendor articlenumber: RUT956 100000 | EAN number: 4779051840175


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Teltonika RUT956

The Teltonika RUT956 is suitable for various applications and in particular for Machine-2-Machine (M2M).

Features Teltonika RUT956:

  • 4G LTE and WiFi
  • Cat. 4 router with download speeds up to 150 Mbps
  • 1x Wan port and 3x Lan port
  • Failover
  • I/O ports: RS232 and RS485
  • Remote Management System

I/O ports, RS232 and RS485

With its I/O ports, RS232 and RS485, the RUT956 is ideally suited for M2M applications.

WAN failover: internet backup in emergencies

Because of the WAN port, this 4G LTE router can be connected to the fixed Internet line and serve as a “regular” router. If there are problems with the landline, the RUT956 can automatically switch to 4G LTE and then just keep working (Failover function). An ideal Internet backup in emergency situations.

Dual-SIM failover: always connected

The RUT956 features a dual-SIM. This allows switching between 2 providers if the network leaves something to be desired. Because 2 SIM cards fit in the RUT956, you can switch providers if the network leaves something to be desired.

5 external antennas: always reception

Thanks to the included external antennas, you will always receive the best available GPS, 4G LTE and WiFi signal.

Many features of the Teltonika RUT956

This M2M 4G LTE router is equipped with many features including VPN (IPSec, PPTP, OpenVPN), Wifi as WAN, DynDNS, etc.

Connect directly to battery or power supply

The RUT956 comes with a 2-pin terminal block power connector. This allows you to connect the 4G LTE router directly to a battery or other power supply.

Optional mounting hardware

The Teltonika RUT956 comes without DIN rail bracket, you can easily add it to your order. This router is a highly reliable and secure 4G LTE router for professional applications. The RUT956 delivers high quality mission-critical mobile communications.

Custom Configuration

There are also options to purchase your RUT routers pre-configured. See the Custom config page for additional information.

Software to combine with the Teltonika RUT956

You can use different software packages to get the most out of the RUT956.

Teltonika RMS

Teltonika offers RMS that allows you to access Teltonika routers remotely. This allows you to manage the routers remotely, which is tremendously useful as you want to manage more routers or cannot be physically present at the routers. RMS has many other benefits, which you can find all about here.

Bondix Intelligence S.A.NE

With Bondix’s handy S.A.NE software, you can link different WAN connections to achieve a fast and consistent Internet connection. For example, you pair fiber and 4G Internet to automatically have failover and fallback on your router as well. You can read more about the possibilities here.

Unboxing video for easy installation

Teltonika also made an unboxing video for the RUT956. You can view those here. In this video, you can see what comes with the RUT956 and how to install this router as quickly and conveniently as possible.

Capestone & Teltonika Networks

As the largest European distributor and Diamond Partner of Teltonika, Capestone is an excellent partner to order these products from. We have several use cases on the Teltonika website itself, for example the use case around Agrifac where we used a Teltonika RUT955 to connect a self-propelled agricultural machine to the Internet. You can view those here.

Connectivity via Comgate

In addition to our hardware expertise, we also have all the knowledge on connectivity through sister company Comgate. With that combination, we can completely unburden you when it comes to Internet solutions. We would love to meet with you to discuss the possibilities!

Aantal SIM-sloten


Aantal modems


Cloud Management




Dimensions in mm






Ext. 4G antenna


Ext. GPS antenna


Ext. WIFI antenna




I/O poorten


IP Rating


LAN poorten


LTE Category

Cat 4

Load Balacing




Mobiele netwerken

2G, 3G, 4G









USB port




VPN connection


WAN poorten




WIFI Frequency Band

2.4 Ghz


WiFi 4

Weight (gram)



  • Router RUT956
  • Charger 9W
  • 2 x LTE antennas (magnetic base, SMA, 3m)
  • 2 x WiFi antennas (magnetic base, RP-SMA, 1.5m)
  • 1x GPS antenna (SMA, 3m)
  • RS485 terminal block
  • I/O Terminal Block
  • Ethernet cable (1.5 m)
  • SIM adapter kit