Capestone and KPN IoT provide global 4G/5G connectivity for Videojet’s 50,000 industrial printers

How can you be sure of a reliable, secure internet connection of your connected devices? Capestone and KPN IoT connected 50,000 industrial printers worldwide to the Internet for Videojet. The printers can now be monitored and managed remotely by Videojet. Videojet industrial printers are used in the pharmaceutical and food industries. They are an integral part of a production line. A network failure could jeopardize continuity. Videojet therefore decided to be in control of their own connection and not depend on local connections managed by the customers. With local IoT networks managed in-house, Videojet maintains control over the entire chain.

Business challenge

Videojet is a global leader in providing coding and marking solutions. With more than 325,000 coding systems installed worldwide to print 2D codes, bar codes, logos, THT dates, production codes, ingredients, text and variable data, Videojet Technologies is one of the most successful providers of marking and coding solutions. The company has a wide range of printers in the field with their customers. Videojet’s main problem was that no data could be read from the printers. As a result, it was not possible to centrally monitor and manage devices and the network. A challenge when there are printers in 3,000 different locations. Videojet chose a global rollout of KPN IoT data connectivity with Cradlepoint IoT routers supplied by Capestone to wirelessly connect all printers to the Internet.

Videojet utilizes additional services including custom configuring the routers and sim cards for deployment, global distribution and an extensive pallet of training offered by Capestone. An additional SLA service level ensures 24/7 uptime guaranteed of devices online.



Solution:Plug and play solution

Capestone, Cradlepoint and KPN IoT have joined forces to develop a total solution tailored to an industrial environment. Videojet’s devices have been made “smart” by providing Internet access via mobile broadband. The data from the printers is transmitted and received in the Videojet cloud environment. By offering 4G routers combined with a KPN IoT SIM card and a central dashboard, it becomes possible to monitor and manage all printers mobile and remotely. Remote login to devices is also possible. This means that no one physically needs to check whether the cartridges are still full. Which, of course, offers cost savings and efficiencies. Network quality and the transmission of updates can also be provided remotely. Multiple printers are connected to each gateway so that there is also a reduction in the number of devices in the field.


Mission-critical equipment for Di Martino’s manufacturing process

Famous Pasta maker Di Martino also uses Videojet Technologies’ industrial marking and coding solutions. No pasta leaves the factory without it. Equipment must be available 5 days a week, 24 hours a day. A downtime directly affects the logistics process; without markings, the paste cannot leave the factory. Products that are not properly coded, marked or printed are rejected or must be reprinted which in turn causes delays in delivery.

In the KPN IoT video, see how Videojet is helping to improve Di Martino’s uptime with our jointly offered solution.


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