Milesight UR32 | Pro Series


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The Milesight UR32 Pro Series 4G Routers are characterized by a comprehensive set of features and capabilities. The routers optionally feature WiFi, GPS and PoE.

  • Dual SIM
  • 2x LAN/WAN
  • RS232/485
Capestone articlenumber: MLS10006 | Vendor articlenumber: UR32-L04EU | EAN number: 6974225032341


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Milesight UR32 Pro Series

The Milesight UR32 Pro Series 4G Routers are characterized by a comprehensive set of features and capabilities. The routers optionally feature WiFi, GPS and PoE.

Milesight UR32 – 4G router

This UR32 Pro Series 4G router from Milesight is the bigger brother of the UR32 Lite. The UR32 Pro 4G router has the following features:


  • Affordable 4G router for industrial applications
  • Connections possible over 4G, WiFi and Ethernet
  • Is deployable in environments with temperatures between -40°C and 70°C
  • 9V to 48V DC
  • 2x LAN ports including up to 1x WAN
  • Features Milesight VPN & Remote Management
  • RS232 and Digital In/Out

Add-ons: WiFi, GPS & Power over Ethernet

You can order the Milesight UR32 4G Router according to your WiFi, GPS and PoE requirements. With PoE, you get 2 × 802.3 af/at PoE PSE on the LAN ports.

Applications of the Milesight UR32 4G Router

Various applications can be filled with this compact 4G IoT router:

  • Primary 4G internet for M2M & IoT applications. Stop depending on a public WiFi network, a local guest network or your client’s network and create your own IoT network allowing all your devices to securely connect to your core network. See all Capestone use cases for IoT in Retail and IoT for Industry.
  • Programmable gateway for further integration thanks to the Embedded Python SDK

Built-in Watchdog function

The Watchdog timer on the Milesight 4G router is a built-in feature used to monitor system operation and help detect and repair faults. It is designed to automatically restore the system to its normal operating state, without any human intervention, when a hardware failure or program error has occurred. For example, when the system is active, the hardware watchdog starts counting times and checking the operation of the main program and being periodically reset by the system. However, if the system fails to reset the Watchdog due to program errors, the Watchdog will generate a timeout signal and initiate corrective actions to return the system to normal operation. This saves you a huge amount of time to physically drive by a 4G router to perform system recovery.

Milesight Device Hub for Remote Management

Use Device Hub for large-scale deployments. You can always use Capestone’s support department for support and assistance with Milesight Device Hub. Some benefits of Device Hub:


  • The Milesight DeviceHub provides a user-friendly interface that allows the user to configure the device and upgrade firmware in bulk and remotely.
  • Real-time monitoring: Monitor critical parameters and location of devices for a specific group of devices.
  • Comprehensive Report Capabilities: The Milesight DeviceHub provides seamless generation of comprehensive reports on fleet managed and monitored devices, such as failed connections, pending and failed tasks, received text messages, etc.
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  • Milesight UR32 Pro Series
  • Charger
  • DIN-rail kit
  • 4 x Sets for wall mounting
  • Magnetic mobile antenna