4G/5G Routers for Industry


Industrial 4G/5G routers are designed to integrate seamlessly into demanding work environments and IT networks. Features of industrial 4G/5G routers include; the metal housing, serial ports such as RS232 and RS485, WiFi, possibilities to mount the router via DIN-Rail, multiple LAN/WAN ports, high(er) IP rating, such as IP65, IP67 or IP68 and low power consumption.

Teltonika (73)
Cradlepoint (67)
Fortinet (40)
Peplink (26)
TP-Link (23)
QuWireless (21)
Ubiquiti (18)
Sierra Wireless (15)
Capestone (10)
4K Solutions (8)
Huawei (7)
FRITZ!Box (4)
Alcatel (3)
Comgate (3)
Zyxel (2)
TCL (1)

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