Cradlepoint MC1200 Modem

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The MC1200 is a 4G LTE-Advanced PRO modem and serves as an extension to Cradlepoint COR 900 & 1700 routers. With this second modem you benefit from:

  • More reliable internet thanks to failover
  • More flexible connection with load balancing
  • A larger bandwidth for extra users and demanding applications
  • High availability
  • 1200 Mbps
  • Load balancing
  • For the Cradlepoint IBR900 & IBR1700
Capestone articlenumber: CPT40143 | Vendor articlenumber: MA-MC400-1200M-B


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Cradlepoint MC1200 Modem

The Cradlepoint IBR900 comes standard with one MC400 1200Mbps. Because the IBR900 is dual SIM, you can use 2 SIM cards, of which a maximum of 1 is active. If you purchase a second MC400 module, you can use 4 SIM cards and have 2 active at the same time. So with two MC400 1200-M modules, you are more flexible, you have a greater bandwidth and you can make more wireless connections.

MC1200 Specifications:

  • Integrated dual SIM modem with auto-switch
  • Different WAN connections for extra redundancy
  • Active GPS (available on most models)
  • Use multiple wireless connections to achieve 99.99% up-time.
  • Load-balancing and burst bandwidth for busier periods


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