4G/5G & surveillance

In several process- and/ or security-related installations and applications, a regular internet connection via a network connector is not available. For example, with security cameras on board on transport vehicles or mobile camera masts where wired network connections have not yet been installed. More and more companies are looking for a fast and stable internet connection. 4G LTE/5G mobile internet offers the ideal solution here, especially in the field of surveillance. We offer several robust routers that meet all security requirements for applications in an industrial environment and the ability to connect analog devices. Dual sim functionalities of a router offer you 24/7 uptime. You have the option to purchase a fixed IP address, private APN or VPN on your services so that you build a secure mobile network, from the Edge to your Cloud environment.

Capestone can help you as a partner to make sure that every location can be provided with a stable wireless network, so that a stable and guaranteed continuous security of an object or location is never in question. We offer full support in branches such as surveillance, transport and in the industry sector. Of course we work together with reputable suppliers of video/camera hardware and we can very well fulfill your connectivity needs by offering our Unlimited SIM cards.


Unlimited data sim; the solution for your surveillance solution.

Mobile Broadband solutions are very popular to establish a mobile internet network in places where a fixed internet connection is not possible, or does not meet the requirements. To provide hassle-free access to the mobile network in the Netherlands, the “Comgate 4G/5G Real Unlimited NL” SIM card is ideal for your mobile camera mast, or onboard security solution. You have a data plan with no daily limit and a Fair use policy of 1 TB per calendar month. A perfect basis for a safe and fast security solution.

The advantages are

  • Carefree access to the fastest mobile network in the Netherlands.
  • Create a total solution for your customer.
  • Future proof; suitable for 5G!
  • No daily limit.
  • FUP of 1 TB per calendar month.
  • Through annual agreements extra volume discounts possible.
  • Can also be used as a 4G/5G backup solution.
  • Cancellable on a monthly basis; very suitable to offer as Temporary Internet solution.
  • Available in retail & wholesale version.
  • Full technical and commercial support from Capestone and Comgate on hardware and connectivity.
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Coming soon; Hikvision Partner session in experience room Hikvision

Are you active in surveillance? Then we hope to welcome you soon in the experience room of Hikvision. During this tour, we will discuss various security applications in different industries and we will bridge the gap to internet network devices in combination with connectivity of Capestone and sister company Comgate. Of course we will also dive into the subject of cyber security. Preparations are being made and we hope to be able to tell you more about this event soon.

Technology Partnership

Hikvision and Capestone started a partnership last year. This collaboration offers partners full support in industries such as surveillance, transportation and in the industry sector. Hikvision is a leading global provider of IoT solutions with video as its core competency. The company believes that close collaboration with an ecosystem of partners is necessary to further accelerate innovation and development in the security industry, while ensuring maximum value for customers. Rolf van den Hoek, Business Development Manager Industry, Transport and Fire Prevention at Hikvision Benelux: “With our cooperation with Capestone we strengthen each other within different industries. When we advise our cameras and/or thermal imaging cameras at locations without (available) infrastructure or at mobile objects and/or vehicles, the product and service portfolio, the knowledge and the right advice of Capestone offers a solution for a well functioning total solution”.


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