Peplink Balance 20X

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The Peplink Balance 20X is a business router with 1x WAN port, 4x LAN ports and maximum throughput of 900Mbps. As a member of the “X” series, the Balance 20X offers extreme performance, a future-proof design at a practical price. The SDX also supports a FlexModule, which allows you to customize the router to your choice of ports and instantly adopt new technology.

Use smart features such as Load Balancing and SpeedFusion to transport VoIP, video streaming and other data at super-fast speeds. Combine different transport technologies and mobile providers to keep the network up to date when individual links are broken. Switching between links is automatic and seamless.

  • Dual-band WiFi
  • 1x WAN & 4x LAN
  • Dual-SIM
Capestone articlenumber: PEP10067 | Vendor articlenumber: BPL-021X-LTE-E-T-PRM


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Peplink Balance 20X – Mobile Backup

Back up the xDSL with a mobile link. The Peplink Balance 20X is an ideal router for the (home) office or where in addition to the fixed internet line, the 4G line can serve as a backup. This router knows Failover. This means that it switches from one connection to the other if the primary connection fails. In this way, the router provides an extremely reliable and flexible connection.


The Balance 20X has a FlexModule Mini slot that supports all types of WAN technology. This option allows for efficient and quick expansion of modules when the corporate network requires it.

Load Balancing

Increase network data rates, reliability and flexibility and reduce connectivity costs with Peplink Internet Load Balancing technology. The Peplink Balance 20X can distribute traffic from up to 13 Internet links and route data using seven intelligent algorithms. It all adds up to high speeds and rock-solid reliability with savings of up to 90% compared to solutions built on leased lines and other expensive connections.

Drop-in Mode

Thanks to Drop-in Mode, the existing network does not need to be modified to integrate the Peplink Balance 20X. This allows the Peplink Balance to be easily placed in an existing network, for example behind a firewall.

Prioritize and balance data traffic

The Peplink Balance includes 8 advanced link Load Balancing algorithms and customizable rules that give you complete control over network data priorities. Easily set your traffic priorities, including VoIP and custom application traffic, with a few clicks and let your Peplink router do the work.

Replace your MPLS network with Peplink Bonded VPN & SpeedFusion

Peplink’s patented SpeedFusion True Bandwidth Bonding technology combines the bandwidth of up to 13 cables, xDSL, 3G/4G and other links to generate high-speed, high reliability, high-security networks.

The added benefit of SpeedFusion is that you have lower costs and fewer maintenance issues. With SpeedFusion, you bundle all your connections together to make it faster and more reliable.

Carrier Aggregation
Cloud Management


Download speed


Ext. 4G antenna


Ext. WIFI antenna


I/O ports
IP Rating
LAN ports
LTE Category

Cat 4

Load Balacing
Mobile networks
Number of SIM slots
Number of modems


Power over Ethernet
RJ11-port VoIP


SFP port
Type of accessory
Type of license
USB port


Upload speed
VPN connection


WAN ports
WIFI Frequency Band

2.4 Ghz;5 Ghz



  • Peplink Balance 20X
  • 12V3A Power Supply (ACW-602)
  • 2x LTE antenna (ACW-234)
  • 1x GPS antenna (ACW-232)
  • 2x Wi-Fi Dual Band antennas (ACW-341)