Stigwize 4x 5G Puck Antenna

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The Stigwize 4x 5G Puck Antenna is a high-quality four-in-one rooftop antenna for 4G and 5G networks. An ideal choice for advanced wireless communication systems.

  • 4x 5G
  • Puck antenna
  • 4x 3 meter cables (SMA)
Capestone articlenumber: STI20012 | Vendor articlenumber: STI-PUCK-45G | EAN number: 8785285643426


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Stigwize 4x 5G Puck Antenna

The Stigwize 4x 5G Puck Antenna is a high-performance, four-in-one rooftop antenna designed specifically for both 4G and 5G networks. This rugged, roof-mount screw antenna is optimized for a broad spectrum of frequency bands, making it an ideal choice for advanced wireless communication systems. With compact dimensions of L82 x W80 x H104 mm, this antenna offers an excellent balance of form factor and performance, perfect for mobile and fixed installations.

Technical Specifications

  • Antenna type: Roof mount with screw mount.
  • Dimensions: Length 82mm, Width 80mm, Height 104mm.
  • Temperature range: -40 to +85 °C.
  • Humidity: 40% to 95% RH.
  • Amplification (dBi): 1 dBi for 700-960 MHz, 4 dBi for 1700-2700 MHz and 3300-3800 MHz.
  • Frequency range: Supports 700-960 MHz, 1700-2700 MHz, and 3300-3800 MHz.
  • VSWR: < 2.3, indicating excellent adaptation and minimal signal loss.
  • Polarization: Linear vertical polarization for optimal signal reception.

Main Advantages

  • Versatile Frequency Support: Suitable for a wide range of bands, making it an excellent choice for versatile wireless applications.
  • High Performance: Provides excellent amplification across key 4G and 5G frequency bands for reliable connectivity and fast data transmission.
  • Durable Design: Designed to operate under extreme temperature and humidity conditions, ideal for outdoor use.
  • Easy Installation: The screw mounting on the roof and the included RG174 coaxial cables (length 3m x 4) with SMA connectors ensure easy and sturdy installation.
  • Linear Vertical Polarization: Ensures consistent and reliable signal reception, essential for mobile communications and fixed network installations.


The Stigwize 4x 5G Puck Antenna Roof Antenna is designed to maximize the efficiency of your 4G/5G network connectivity, making it an excellent choice for professionals in logistics, security, public safety, and many other industries that depend on reliable wireless communications.

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4G, 5G

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  • Stigwize 4x 5G Puck Antenna