RugGear RG880

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The RugGear RG880 is a rugged LTE smartphone for multitasking and MCPTT. The smartphone has an innovative speaker design and a removable battery for optimal use. In addition, the RG880 can be unlocked with fingerprint recognition and has a high-performance processor.

  • Long stanby time
  • Handy size
  • 105 dB speaker
Capestone articlenumber: RGR50068


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Coming Soon RugGear RG880

Robust LTE Smartphone for Multi-Tasking and MCPTT

The RugGear RG880 is not just another smartphone, it is a powerful combination of robustness and elegance that perfectly responds to the demands of business digitization. With its ultra rugged, yet thin housing and unique appearance, the RG880 makes an ideal companion for modern business communication needs.

The smartphone is designed with mission-critical communication in mind, and you can tell immediately by the functionalities. A prominent PTT (Push-to-Talk) button, a quick-access SOS button and two customizable side keys take the communication experience to the next level. These features make the RugGear RG880 not just an ordinary smartphone, but a reliable tool capable of transmitting crucial information in real time.

What else sets the RG880 apart is not only its physical strength, but also its ability to multitask. This smartphone goes beyond communication, making it a versatile tool for professional use. Whether coordinating team efforts, managing projects or responding quickly to emergencies, the RG880 guarantees efficiency and reliability.

In short, the RG880 is not just a device; it is an advanced solution for businesses seeking effective communication, durability and versatility in a single device. This smartphone embodies the perfect balance of power and finesse, making it an indispensable tool in the world of modern business communication.

Innovative Speaker Design Gives Optimal Sound for Emergency Communications

The importance of powerful speakers in emergency situations is obvious. The lower part of this device is designed in an innovative way, with special attention to sound diffusion. A strategically placed corner houses the speakers, allowing effective dispersion of the powerful 103 dB sound. This approach is especially beneficial when the device is worn on duty with the screen facing the chest.

The positioning of the speakers is not accidental, but deliberate, with the goal of maximizing audibility in situations where time is of the essence. Whether conveying critical information during emergencies or facilitating clear communication in noisy environments, the innovative speaker design ensures an impactful sound experience.

With this thoughtful approach, RugGear not only takes the functionality of the device to the next level, but also emphasizes the importance of innovation in meeting the specific needs of emergency communications. In essence, it is not just about delivering a product, but providing a solution that adapts to the demands of critical conditions and integrates seamlessly into professional workflows.

Removable Battery for Uninterrupted Performance

The RugGear RG880 features a powerful Li-ion 4500 mAh battery. What makes the RG880 smartphone unique is not only the battery capacity, but also the fact that it can be easily removed and replaced.

The ability to remove and replace the battery offers an unparalleled advantage in terms of flexibility and ease of use. No hassle with complicated processes; with a simple operation, the user can renew the battery. This ensures uninterrupted performance even during the most demanding days.

One notable aspect of this feature is that even when the back of the battery is removed, the RG880 retains its sealed integrity. This means that regardless of battery changes, the IP68 rating remains unaffected. Thus, the device remains resistant to dust and water. This makes it suitable for various environments, ranging from outdoor adventure activities to demanding industrial situations.

Advanced Security with Fingerprint Recognition on the RG880

To push security to the limit and protect sensitive information at a high level, an additional layer of security has been added to the RG880: an integrated fingerprint reader. This advanced feature not only strengthens the security of the device, but also ensures that access to important data is limited to the designated user.

With fingerprint recognition, the RG880 becomes a fortress of security, holding personal and business data in an impenetrable manner. The intuitive process of fingerprint recognition allows for quick device unlocking while effectively preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information.

What makes this functionality even more powerful is the ability for users to securely access data even when wearing face protection. This is of particular importance during critical missions where security and speed of access are critical. The fingerprint recognition on the RG880 provides a reliable and fast way to unlock the device no matter what the circumstances.

In short, the RG880 with fingerprint recognition is not only a paragon of advanced technology, but also a dedicated guardian of privacy and security. It is an essential feature for users striving for optimal security in their daily interactions with the smartphone.

Powerful Pulse of Performance: The Snapdragon® 680 4G Mobile Processor in the RG880

The engine that is the beating heart of the RG880 is none other than the advanced Snapdragon® 680 4G mobile platform from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. This high-performance processor is not only the brain behind the smartphone, but also represents a paradigm shift in terms of computing power and efficiency.

The Snapdragon® 680 platform is precision-optimized to shine in Push-to-Talk (PTT) scenarios, making the RG880 a master of mission-critical communications. It is not only optimized for PTT, but also fully prepared for Mission-Critical Push-to-Talk (MCPTT), allowing the smartphone to integrate seamlessly into demanding professional environments.

What makes this processor even more impressive is its full compatibility with 3GPP Release 12. This means that the RG880 not only meets current standards, but is also forward-thinking, anticipating future developments in mobile communication technologies.

This high-performance processor gives the RG880 not only power, but also the intelligence to excel in the demanding world of modern mobile communications.





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