Peplink MAX Transit Mini

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The Pepwave MAX Transit Mini is a highly reliable 4G LTE router with WiFi (150 Mbps), developed specifically for in-vehicle applications.

  • Vehicle router
  • Dual SIM
  • Failover / Fallback function
Capestone articlenumber: PEP10043 | Vendor articlenumber: MAXTSTMINILTEET-PRM


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Peplink MAX Transit Mini

This router is a very reliable and fast 4G LTE router and has been specially developed by Peplink to be used in vehicles such as public transport, cars or city buses. Thanks to Ignition Sensing, the Pepwave Transit Mini starts immediately when the vehicle ignition is switched on.

Dual SIM

The Pepwave Transit Mini has 1 modem with 2 sim card slots. This is ideal for applying 4G redundancy and Load Balancing to the router. Please contact us if you are looking for a suitable and reliable 4G connection or take a look at our 10GB EU Stack bundle which is ideal for processing large amounts of mobile data, both in the Netherlands and in Europe.

Seamless Automatic Internet Failover

This router offers seamless automatic Internet Failover. You can set the router to automatically switch to another mobile Internet connection if the primary mobile connection goes down. Seamless here means that opened programs and applications are not stopped. For example, a video being downloaded is not interrupted, the process of downloading continues.

External antenna connections

This router can be connected to an external antenna with 2x 4G, 1x GPS and 1x WiFi connection. Choose a vandal-proof antenna, for example our combi antenna with 4G, WiFi and GPS.

Extensive security features

The MAX Transit Mini offers extensive security capabilities. You can make VPN connections using IPsec encryption. If you are creating a VPN tunnel between two Peplink devices, you can use PepVPN. In that case, only one side of the VPN tunnel requires a static IP address. This makes building a VPN tunnel over a 4G connection much easier, as 4G normally has dynamic IP addresses.

Remote management via the Cloud / Fleet Tracking via GPS

This router can be managed remotely through the Cloud Management system InControl. Through your PC, laptop or smartphone, you can remotely manage your mobile network and track your devices with GPS anywhere. This is ideal if:

  • Your router is in a remote or hard-to-reach location;
  • You are using the router in a vehicle, vessel, or other moving object;
  • You are using multiple routers and want to configure or provide software updates simultaneously.

To use Peplink’s remote management and/or fleet tracking, you will need an InControl2 license.

Aantal SIM-sloten
Carrier Aggregation
Cloud Management


Dimensions in mm


Ext. 4G antenna


Ext. GPS antenna


Ext. WIFI antenna


I/O poorten
IP Rating
LAN poorten
LTE Category

Cat 4

Load Balacing
Mobiele netwerken
Number of modems


Power over Ethernet
RJ11-port VoIP


SFP poort
Type accessoire
Type licentie
USB port


VPN connection


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WIFI Frequency Band


Weight (grams)



  • Peplink MAX Transit Mini
  • 1x GPS antenna (ACW-232)
  • 1x Wi-Fi 2.4G antenna (ACW-304)
  • 1x LTE antenna (ACW-813 or ACW-234)
  • 1x DC cable (ACW-634)