Capestone Bondix Server 2vCPU – 12 months

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The Capestone Bondix Server 2vCPU is a cloud managed WAN bonding server suitable for small to medium sized installations such as the Bondix S.A.NE Std 75 Mbit/s (BON10006) setups. This cloud server contains 2x Intel vCPU with 4GB RAM, max 20TB traffic and features IPv4. The license is valid for 12 months. After the initial contract period, you will receive an invoice for 12-month renewal.

  • 2x vCPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • Max. 20TB traffic
Capestone articlenumber: BON20002 | Vendor articlenumber: 2VCPU-4GB


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Capestone Bondix Server 2vCPU

Capestone cloud server services for WAN bonding run on servers in data center parks in Germany (NBG1 and FSN1). Capestone also offers local break-out capabilities in several regions worldwide including the USA. Comprehensive security and access control systems are active around the entire data center park with an extremely high level of security. These data centers operate in accordance with strict European data protection regulations. Our data center parks in Nuremberg and Falkenstein are located in the middle of Europe, providing our customers with fast connections to Western, Central, Southern and Eastern Europe. For WAN bonding, three server sizes are offered as standard, starting from one virtual CPU (vCPU) up to 4 viCPUs. These servers plenty of RAM memory and have a maximum monthly throughput of 20 TB. For larger WAN bonding installations, Capestone engineers will create a custom cloud server. Please contact if you have specific questions about WAN bonding and our cloud server services.

Battery (mAh)