Teltonika TAP200

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The Teltonika TAP200 is a WiFi 5 (Wave-2 802.11 b/g/n/ac Dual Band Wi-Fi) Access Point with an RK45 and PoE-In port. Furthermore, the TAP200 has a UV-stabilized housing for lasting color with a mounting bracket for quick installation.

  • WiFi 5
  • 1x Gigabit LAN
  • Incl. 2 years RMS
Capestone articlenumber: TEL90002 | Vendor articlenumber: TAP200 | EAN number: 4779051840199


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Teltonika TAP200

The Teltonika Networks TAP200 Wi-Fi 5 access point is a powerful solution to improve wireless coverage in areas of medium density. With its dual-band technology, fast roaming and RJ45 port with PoE-in functionality, this access point guarantees optimal network performance.

The TAP200 is designed for easy installation with an integrated mounting bracket. Its sleek design not only adds style, but also makes it a seamless addition for stores, businesses or other environments. Enhance your Wi-Fi experience with the reliability and elegance of the Teltonika TAP200.

Application of Access Points

An access point (AP) is a device used to extend a wired network. But also provide wireless connectivity to devices in range of that wireless network. Some common applications of access points:

  • Extending wireless coverage: An access point is often used to extend the wireless coverage of an existing network. This is useful in areas where the router’s wireless signal is not sufficient to reach all desired devices.
  • Increased capacity: In busy environments with many wireless devices, such as offices, malls or large homes, adding access points can increase network capacity. But also distribute the load better, achieving better overall performance.
  • Mesh networks: Access points are often used in mesh networks. A mesh network consists of multiple access points that communicate and work together to provide seamless wireless coverage over a large area without a single central access point.
  • Wired to wireless transition: If you have a device with a wired network connection and want to add wireless connectivity, you can use an access point to create a wireless signal.
  • Guest networks: In corporate environments, access points can be used to create separate wireless networks for guests, allowing them to access the Internet without access to the internal corporate network.
  • Hotspots: Access points are often used in public areas such as airports, cafes, hotels and conference centers. They are used to provide wireless Internet access to users with wifi-compatible devices.
  • Smart home applications: In smart homes, access points can be used to provide wireless connectivity. This can be to various smart devices, such as security cameras, thermostats and smart lighting.
Dimensions in mm

Ø 158 mm x 30

Indoor of Outdoor


LAN poorten


LAN snelheid


Managed Switch






Number of LAN ports






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Speed 2.4 Ghz (Mbps)


Speed 5 Ghz (Mbps)


WAN poorten


Weight 0,000 kg
Weight (gram)


WiFi Type

WiFi 5


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