Smart AIS inspections of critical production, distribution and manufacturing processes safer by using ATEX tablets from MOBILE

SMART Asset Integrity Solutions (SMART AIS) helps customers all over the world by making sure that processes within their assets are efficient and safe. To do this, the company offers a range of services to monitor, assess and report on the reliability of complex industrial systems. These inspection reports help customers to comply with essential safety legislation and to make well-considered decisions about maintenance and possible replacement of these assets. In order to meet the increasing demand from independent inspection services, SMART AIS digitized its processes. To carry out the on-site inspections safely, Capestone recommended the use of ATEX certified tablets completely explosion-proof.

Business challenge

Until recently, SMART AIS performed complex inspection planning, assessment and reporting using multiple Excel files and paper drawings. It was a timeconsuming process which made it difficult for the company to scale-up and meet the growing demand for independent inspection services. To keep up with this demand and stay ahead of the competition, SMART AIS decided to innovate and digitize their processes. The result was a 30% time savings and SMART AIS delivered a higher quality of inspection and support for its customers.

Smart AIS Mobile

Digitize inspections

In order to digitize inspections and avoid piles of paperwork, SMART AIS has chosen to use its own developed app; the Smart Asset Care Application (SACA). After building the app, Smart AIS searched for the right ATEX tablet functioning with the SACA app.

Part of the inspections is about wall thickness measurements for pipes and vessels at factories and offshore locations. Gas and/or dust concentration can be very high at these locations. Therefore it is of great importance that the tablets are ATEX certified. Capestone, expert and distributor in the field of robust and explosion-proof ATEX devices and applications, advised the use of MOBILE tablets.

The MOBILE tablets are designed in such a way that sparks can’t be released. This prevents the tablets from causing explosions. Other important requirements were screen size, operating system and price. Martijn van ‘t Wout, Business Unit Manager at SMART AIS says: “Capestone’s ATEX Sales Engineer Patrick Eijsackers recommended the IS930.2 based on our wishes and requirements: a robust 8-inch tablet, which is very powerful and offers many technical advantages such as: 8,400 mAh battery and Android 9.”

Total solution

“During the inspection, the inspectors record findings via our SACA app on the MOBILE tablet. For example, attention is paid to corrosion and the condition of the insulation. Wall thickness measurements are also carried out at predefined places where defects have been found during the visual inspection. When the measurement has been taken, the app automatically checks whether it is within the standards. This way, we ensure that our measurements are reproducible, which is a legal requirement. A pipeline inspection report (LIR) will eventually follow from all documentation and updates. Together with the customer, we draw up a status document that demonstrates compliance with the laws and regulations. With this total solution, SMART AIS employees carry-out inspections using the explosion-proof tablet with the web-based application. This way our inspections are perfectly in line with all safety legislation,” says Martijn van ‘t Wout, Business Unit Manager at SMART AIS. 930.2 Smart AIS

Customer speaks up


Martijn van ‘t Wout, Business Unit Manager at SMART AIS
“Capestone has thought along with us in the entire project and delivered all devices as agreed on. The short lines of communication and no nonsense culture fits perfectly with SMART AIS, which made the collaboration very pleasant.”
Martijn van ‘t Wout, Business Unit Manager at SMART AIS

Want to know more?

With ATEX devices you make the work of your employees more efficient and safer. Would you like to know what the possibilities are of ATEX devices at your location? Our sales department is happy to think along with you! Contact or call 085 111 0838. Would you like more information about Smart AIS or MOBILE ? You can find more information on the following websites: |

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