Integrated security solutions based on smart technology.

Securitas Technology is a service line of security organization Securitas and has over 80 years of experience in various industries. The company continuously responds to the changing world around us. It is the ambition to realize solutions with creativity, knowledge and drive that are unique in the industry. Integrated solutions that are groundbreaking and in line with the future. For example, intelligent software that is applied in combination with camera techniques. Securitas also offers unified solutions when multiple security systems need to be integrated into one platform with different disciplines. Securitas Technology, with its extensive experience, can always provide a solution for the needs of the customer.

Securitas Technology solutions are developed for organizations in industry, government, traffic, logistics, building, marine & offshore, petrol, retail and carwash. Through specific knowledge and experience in these industries, they know the issues and challenges. Equally important, the solutions can be seamlessly integrated with virtually all systems and technologies in these industries. Examples include the deployment of mobile camera units or systems for events, provinces, municipalities and business parks.

MOBILE CAMERA UNIT – Flexible camera surveillance

Securitas Technology engineered and built a Mobile Camera Unit (MCU) in its own development. The engineering of this mast involved collaboration with various entities, including customers, engineers, steel structure developers and draftsmen. By linking all the expertise, the mast was created. Because each customer has its own vision and application areas for the mobile camera unit, it can always be adapted to the specific requirements and wishes of the customer. For data access Securitas Technology uses the 4G routers of Teltonika Networks and additional antennas from Capestone.


Pictured on the left is the Mobile Camera Unit, the MCU 3.0. This unit is equipped with an autonomous fuel supply that enables the unit to be operationally deployable for more than 2 weeks without a fixed power source. The unit is equipped with a 360 degree camera and PTZ camera in one. Transmission is based on 4G or a point to point connection (situation dependent). The MCU 3.0 is easily transported by trailer. No trucks are required for the (re)installation of this unit. This provides extra flexibility.

The picture on the right shows the MCU Lite. This is a small unit with a camera, power source and transmission equipment. As you can see in the picture, it is possible to charge the power source by means of the public lighting. Of course, this depends on the municipality whether this is allowed. The unit is able to function autonomously for 48 hours. This unit is used at locations where there is no room for the MCU 3.0, fixed camera surveillance is not (yet) an option or during events.

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