Making cooling, freezing and heating rental units from Coolworld smart by IoT

Coolworld Rentals is a full-service rental specialist in refrigeration, freezer and heating equipment. Since its founding in 1993, the organization has grown into an international player that rents out refrigeration and freezer units, and industrial solutions for process cooling, climate control and heating. The company offers flexible and reliable solutions for temporary capacity problems, events, equipment breakdowns or when renovating or overhauling permanent systems. With a wide range of rental solutions, they are at customers’ service 24/7 for the right rental cooling or heating solution.

Last year, Coolworld was looking for a solution to smarten up its rental units by using a reliable 4G IoT solution i.c.w. 24×7 support for business critical applications. By using Cradlepoint’s 4G robust routers, each unit is now remotely manageable and monitorable. Thanks to high-quality network equipment and reliable connections, the lives of employees have become a lot more efficient and less laborious. And their customers benefit from that.

Jeffrey D'Hondt - Technical Director
“We have refrigerated and freezer units developed in-house specifically for rental. Each unit is available ready-made from stock, portable, easy to clean and easily accessible. Our product range includes cold rooms, shock freezers and freezer rooms, also for ultra-low temperatures. We also have all kinds of units available for heating and climate control. For units used for mission critical applications, 24/7 online monitoring is necessary. For example, power failure in a unit can quickly become a major expense if the products in it spoil because they are not cooled.”
Jeffrey D’Hondt – Technical Director

Business challenge

Coolworld’s wide variety of customers shows how strongly rental cooling and heating is linked to all sectors. Internationally, we work with leading companies in industry, pharma, chemistry, food, retail and distribution. The refrigeration and freezer units are specially developed in-house for rental. Each unit is ready for delivery from stock, mobile, easy to clean and easily accessible. The range consists of cold rooms, freezers, shock freezers, tempering cold rooms, tempering freezers and ultra-low temperature freezers. Because the rental refrigeration and heating is also used for mission critical applications, being able to monitor the units online at all times is essential. A unit breakdown can quickly become a major cost item if products are not refrigerated and spoil. In order to prevent this, Coolword offers its customers 24/7 a unique service which consists of two steps: alarm follow-up from the control room if a malfunction occurs and the provision of cooling analyses. This provides temperature graphs that the customer uses to ensure quality.

Coolworld was looking for a solution to improve the remote access and monitoring of its rental units by using a reliable 4G IoT solution in combination with 24×7 support for business-critical applications. By using Cradlepoint’s robust 4G routers, each unit can now be accessed and monitored remotely. In this way Coolworld can guarantee its service to customers by monitoring the units day and night and if necessary inform the customer about a malfunction or for example power failure.

Coolworld Rentals


For the fulfillment of the connectivity issue, Coolworld engaged distributor Capestone. Capestone is the specialized 4G/5G Wireless WAN & IoT distributor that has been offering 4G/5G mobile internet solutions worldwide for over ten years. A 4G/5G router solution from Capestone provides a fast and secure mobile internet connection anytime, anywhere. It offers flexibility, redundancy and with SD-WAN networks can be virtualized and centrally managed.

The Coolworld refrigerated containers and freezers have an integrated or separate switch box including all equipment such as the 4G routers. The data that is accessed, such as temperature, is linked to a web server.  On the container, a 4G antenna ensures optimal reception.  In order to easily manage all rental cells Capestone recommended the hardware of Cradlepoint. Cradlepoint is market leader in mobile 4G/5G solutions and is known for its robust routers that deliver the speed, reliability and capacity that organizations require. Maximum efficiency through comprehensive cloud management tools!

Management of the routers

Remote management of the routers and the ability to guarantee a highly secure mobile Internet connection is guaranteed by management and application platform: NetCloud. This allows Coolworld to quickly deploy and dynamically manage networks at geographically dispersed locations, as well as continuously monitor them. Integrating Netcloud with the routers creates the opportunity to improve productivity, increase reliability and reduce costs. For example, configurations can easily be pushed to an entire group. In this way, sensitivity to errors is eliminated and it is even possible to fine tune the settings of the refrigeration/freezer and freezer containers online, something which is often the case in the meat industry due to product dependence.


IoT data sim

To unlock data, 4G/5G routers need a data plan that provides high coverage and uptime. Network coverage, availability and network redundancy are essential for Coolworld. For this reason, Comgate’s esim was chosen. These IoT/M2M sim cards can be used worldwide, are multi-operator and multi-network. Thus, the strongest available network signal is always used.


Partnership & Use case video

For the implementation of the 4G routers of Cradlepoint and the SIM cards, the engineers of Capestone did extensive testing. “To be able to guarantee our service we like to work with partners who have specialist knowledge, high-quality equipment combined with short lines of communication. The right tools, like NetCloud from Cradlepoint makes the lives of our colleagues a lot more efficient and less laborious, which we can ultimately pass on to our customers. In the end it’s all about the reliability towards our customers”, says Eddy van der Kamp, Director Sales & Marketing.

Eddy Coolworld Rentals

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