Capestone and CLICKEY solutions optimize building management with Private LoRa network.

CLICKEY solutions is a Dutch manufacturer/system integrator of various standard and custom IoT solutions. All over the world CLICKEY solutions offers IoT solutions for its customers by developing the products from scratch and building the ecosystem around it. With their IoT solutions they help companies to optimize business processes. In doing so, CLICKEY solutions delivers a set of simple solutions to control, monitor, secure and track assets. An interesting customer case in which CLICKEY solutions developed and rolled out the solution is at a large construction company in the Netherlands. To create more added value for customers, the construction company started a subsidiary. They offer the service “Building As A Service”. With this service they completely unburden the customer by monitoring the premises and taking the building management completely out of their hands. To optimize the efficiency of the building management a Private LoRa network was set up with various sensors of CLICKEY solutions and gateways of Capestone. This way, different aspects of a building can be easily monitored and managed.

Business challenge

To expand the construction company’s business model, the subsidiary has started to provide complementary services. For example, a few years ago they started the Building As A Service service. With this service, they offer companies complete relief in the field of building management. This allows companies to focus on their own business processes, so that they do not have to spend time on peripheral issues such as replacing light bulbs, calling a plumber or employing cleaners. In addition, the company wants to be able to offer extra service by increasing the comfort of the employees in the building.

Private lora kantoor


To enable all these services but also to be time and cost efficient, CLICKEY solutions has provided a customized solution. CLICKEY solutions has developed different types of sensors for use in office buildings. These can be easily integrated into building management systems. It concerns the following devices:

  • Occupation Sensor – measures and provides insight into the occupancy and use of workstations, meeting rooms, toilets and spaces in your building.
  • Comfort Sensor – measures and provides insight into the environmental conditions in larger spaces (temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration, noise level and light intensity).
  • Cleaning Sensor/App – measures and provides insight into spaces where cleaning is needed or not.
  • Energy Monitor – provides insight into the energy performance of your building.

All sensors of CLICKEY solutions use LoRa to transmit their sensor values. For a reliable capture and handling of all this sensor data, CLICKEY solutions has built its own Private LoRa network with the Tektelic Kona Macro IoT Gateway from Capestone, which is continuously expanded with each new installation. The big advantage of a Private LoRa Network is the independence. As a network builder, you can decide what type of gateway and at what location the network should provide coverage for the sensors. For companies that offer a LoRa sensor solution at different locations in the EU or in the world, a Private LoRa Network is a godsend. There are no subscription costs for using Private LoRa. The solution is fully self-managed.

clickey solutions private lora

Private LoRa network in business premises

In the solutions of CLICKEY solutions sensor data is collected from the working environment to make detailed analyses. This results in new insights that can be used to optimize the use (occupancy & utilization), comfort (air quality) and cleaning processes in buildings in a smart way. All collected and analyzed information is accessible to the building manager through an online platform. The obtained information is also linked to the cleaning services.

The Private LoRa solution ensures that employees can experience more comfort in the office. The humidity, temperature and C02 content in a room is continuously monitored and adjusted as needed. Employees can also easily see via an app which rooms are available for working or meeting, and energy can be saved when certain rooms in the building are empty. Furthermore, cleaners can do their work more effectively and efficiently because they have insight into which areas are used and which are not.

Pedro de Smit, CEO of CLICKEY solutions: “We chose the Tektelic Kona Macro IoT Gateway for this project because it has as many as 16 channels. In large companies, we can use up to 6,000 sensors. When a large portion of the employees go to lunch and return to the workplace at the same time, it means that thousands of messages are sent from the sensor to the gateways in a short period of time. Because the gateway has so many channels it can handle this with ease. Tektelic has proven itself to be a very reliable manufacturer of LoRaWAN gateways. The devices are robust and the price-performance ratio is excellent.”

Tektelic Kona Macro IoT Gateway

Customer speaks up

Pedro de Smit, CEO van CLICKEY solutions
About the cooperation with Capestone de Smit says: “In total we have, in cooperation with Capestone, provided between 30 and 40 buildings with this Private LoRa solution. The contact with Capestone has always been good, the lines are short and the stock is always quickly available. This ensures that we can always switch quickly with projects.”
Pedro de Smit, CEO van CLICKEY solutions

Want to know more?

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