Capestone & Axoft provide construction sites with mobile internet over the 5G network

Axoft IT & Telecom BV is a full service provider in the field of IT and Telecom for SMEs and large business companies. They support companies and organizations in creating a carefree digital working environment. You can think of Cloud telephony, Security and Internet of Things solutions. Capestone has been providing Axoft with wireless internet solutions and Rugged/ATEX devices for mission and business-critical communication for over 8 years. In 2021, Axoft was asked to provide the construction sites of customer Adriaan van Erk with a fast and stable internet solution. A suitable 5G solution has been delivered in collaboration with Capestone and KPN.

Business challenge

The Adriaan van Erk Group has been developing, building and supplying homes, apartments and commercial buildings in the Netherlands for over 60 years. To monitor quality, sustainable materials are used and high quality requirements are set. The Adriaan van Erk group has various new construction projects in development and implementation throughout the Netherlands, varying between 100 and 1550 homes. In addition to the physical work on the construction site, project planners and supervisors must also be able to carry out office work in the construction shed. This concerns, for example, receiving and sending e-mails, but also opening BIM models via the server. In order to be able to work in the construction site, good WiFi is necessary. The use of the landline can offer the solution here. But the disadvantage of this is that the fixed line is not always available, and it is very expensive to install. In addition, a construction shed never stays in the same place for two years. As soon as a part is completed, it moves back about 500 meters. The cable often does not extend far enough to provide internet access to every spot on the construction site.

As a replacement for the fixed line, Adriaan van Erk employees created WiFi by plugging a 4G dongle into a router. However, this did not give the desired results, the speed of the 4G connection was not sufficient. Modern construction sheds are also very well insulated, which means that it is more difficult to let a strong internet connection through. This resulted in the network being too slow to work with.

Adriaan van erk bouwterrein


In 2021, Adriaan van Erk presented the business case to Axoft. Important aspects for Adriaan van Erk were: having a fast mobile internet connection that has good coverage everywhere in the Netherlands and which is easy to implement. The preference was also for 5G hardware and connectivity. So that they are already prepared for the future of 5G. In collaboration with Capestone, Axoft was able to offer a suitable solution.

Capestone recommended the Cradlepoint R1900, a powerful and robust 5G router. The router offers a compact design where wireless and wired connections have optimal port placement. This makes it easy to install the 5G router in the tightest places. The R1900 has failover which means that the 5G modem automatically switches to 4G when no 5G network is available. To provide a better reception and faster mobile data connection to the router, it is wise to add an external antenna. For this use case, Capestone and Axoft have opted for the 5G MIMO antenna. This antenna is very robust and suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. In order to receive the maximum reception, the antenna is connected to the router and mounted on the roof of the construction site. Axoft provided the 5G connectivity in collaboration with KPN.

Easy monitoring and management via Netcloud

Jan van Baalen, application manager at Adriaan van Erk says: “We have now rolled out the mobile internet solution from Axoft & Capestone at four construction sites and are very satisfied. The speed and coverage of the Wi-Fi is now excellent and no longer causes delays. For example, we now have 4 times as much bandwidth available at our location in Waddinxveen! Another advantage is that we can monitor and manage data via NetCloud, but it is also faster to expand. For example, we can easily set up the WiFi passwords for guests at new locations, without anyone having to physically go there.”

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Pim Koopman, Account Manager at Axoft, talks about the collaboration with Capestone: “Capestone is a specialized distributor who understands very well what is going on with the end customer. They are very partner-oriented and help them find a suitable solution. We also really like the flexibility. Recently, for example, we urgently needed a router for one of the construction sites. Capestone acted very quickly here to deliver them immediately and even install them on location. All this means that we have been very satisfied partners for more than eight years.”

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