4G solution as ears and eyes of unmanned petrol stations Rolande

The transport market is changing. Transport can and must remain greener but also profitable. Rolande therefore strives for the cleanest, economically feasible fuel in the transport sector. At the moment, that is LNG. This pioneer and market leader in building infrastructures for liquefied natural gas for trucks and Bio-LNG sees LNG as the fuel needed to pave the way for Bio-LNG. The company is the most advanced operator of LNG stations in Europe. Trucks with a gas engine and a special LNG tank instead of a diesel tank can run on this fuel. The network of filling stations is being further expanded in Belgium and Germany in addition to the Netherlands. Transport can refuel safely with LNG because the refueling stations are remotely monitored, controlled and analyzed. In order to realize this, use is made of a 4G total solution in collaboration with Capestone.

Leila Mulder Marketing Director Rolande.
The 4G router is linked to a control room and camera security. “You can actually think of it as the eyes and ears to monitor what’s going on at the gas station location.”
Leila Mulder Marketing Director Rolande.

Business challenge

In 2005, Rolande started as a pioneer. This resulted in the introduction of driving on liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquefied biogas (Bio-LNG) in Dutch and European road transport in 2010. Due to the climate agreement, CO2 tax and increasing environmental awareness among consumers and businesses, it is becoming increasingly important to be aware of this.

Rolande’s LNG stations are located in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. The company is constantly expanding its network in Europe with the aim of having a Europe-wide LNG network. Although the filling stations are unmanned, they are fully remotely monitored and supervised. To realize this, a 4G solution was chosen, supplied by Capestone. The 4G router is linked to a control room and camera security. “You can actually see it as the eyes and ears to monitor what’s going on at the gas station location,” says Leila Mulder Marketing Director Rolande.

Natural gas


“An important part of LNG refueling is safety. This applies both to the regulations that we also know at a regular filling station (think no smoking, no open fire and switching off the engine) and to following a refueling instruction for refueling LNG. Such as wearing personal protective equipment. If something does go wrong or you need help, we are always in touch. In addition, we monitor the stations and the facilities 24/7. LNG is liquefied natural gas that has an extremely low temperature. This reduces the volume of natural gas by 600 times and makes it extremely suitable as a transport fuel. It is very important that the right technology is used for the fuel tank. For this reason we monitor the volume, pressure, circulation and temperature.




“Only a stable and uninterrupted connection allows remote management to have real time knowledge of what is happening at what location and to solve small technical problems quickly and easily. In addition, this wireless 4G mobile connection makes it possible to record and store clear visual images through the security cameras linked at each gas station.”


Collaboration Capestone

By equipping the LNG filling stations with a router to connect wirelessly to the internet via the 4G mobile network in combination with the SIM cards of IoT Service Provider Comgate, Rolande is able to allow the transport sector and heavy road transport to fill up with LNG in a safe manner. For this solution, Rolande quickly turned to the 4G LTE routers of Cradlepoint. Technical questions were quickly resolved by the engineers at Capestone. “The biggest advantage of the Cradlepoint routers is the fact that you can monitor all the routers yourself. Via NetCloud, the cloud based management system of Cradlepoint, we can monitor and manage everything. This results in high stability and uptime, which of course affects the costs and satisfaction of users who contribute to the energy transition. In the end, we are selling CO2 reduction, so to speak.”

Rolande station

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