Fully automated irrigation systems by Wireless Wan

There is increasing attention to green space in urban areas and for buildings. Architects are increasingly creating challenging designs in which greenery plays an important role. Technical irrigation systems are necessary for a long life and sustainability of the green in these projects. HB Water Technology is the specialist that designs, supplies, realizes and manages these systems. For a carefree irrigation system we use sensors that measure soil moisture, temperature and water pressure, which can be monitored and managed via an online dashboard. The generated data is on an intersection for multiple parties and stakeholders such as municipality, building manager and contractor, who gratefully use reports for irrigation and water management in the broadest sense of the word. For this reason, establishing a stable connectivity connection is essential to be able to access the data in real time.

Kris Bouhuijzen, Director HB Watertechnologie
“The ‘iMC Box’ is connected to a server via a mobile internet connection created with an industrial 4G router from Teltonika. Via a fixed ip address, each box can be securely reached separately if necessary.”
Kris Bouhuijzen, Director HB Watertechnologie


HB Water Technology was founded in 1997 as HB Garden Technology and is a real family business. In 2010 Kris Bouhuijzen took from his father Henk. In 2016 the choice was made to fully set up the high-quality installations for the business segment. Many opportunities were seen in this market. A good choice, because this focus resulted in a 30% growth in sales in the same year.

“HB Water Technology is the specialist in water-technical activities in gardens, greenery in the broadest sense of the word and water features. Our water technology activities consist of irrigation systems and sprinkler systems for roof gardens, vertical gardens, indoor gardens, planters and other high-quality green projects. We are a technical partner for gardeners, contractors and (garden) architects in the business market, but also work directly for companies and government agencies. In close consultation, we take care of the entire process from advice and engineering to the delivery and installation of our products. Because we develop and design the products ourselves, they are very user-friendly. Something that is recognized and appreciated worldwide in the collaborations we enter into”, says Kris Bouhuijzen.

Monitor and manage current sensor data

To accurately control and monitor irrigation of green projects remotely, HB Water Technology and sister company IMC developed the IMC box; Irrigation Moisture Control. The ‘iMC Box’ is an innovative combination of the control of an irrigation system with the actual data from moisture sensors, a water pressure and flow sensor, a temperature sensor and several free monitor contacts. Fully remote controllable via the internet with a smartphone, tablet or PC via browser or APP. This box generates real time data communication that can be read out via a dashboard.

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The ‘iMC Box’ is connected to a server via a mobile internet connection, created with an industrial 4G router from Teltonika. Via a fixed ip address, each Box can be reached separately in a secure manner if necessary. The Box is fully configurable both locally and remotely through the APP. The display of the data coming from the sensors is combined with the remote control of the irrigation. In this way, there is one clear overview from which everything can be monitored and controlled.

“To establish this connectivity connection we came to Capestone. It was soon indicated that our data needs could be fully met with 4G routers suitable for an industrial environment and an eSIM data bundle supplied through sister company Comgate.

HB Watertechnologie

Future Vision

Fully automated water technology activities also help customers far beyond the Dutch border. “Our roots in “waterland” the Netherlands certainly work to our advantage. We still see a lot of opportunities around IoT in the water management field. Various data resources will be increasingly linked in the future. A party like Comgate is complementary to us. For example, we purchase the hardware and connectivity in subscription form, fully pre-configured and therefore ready to use. The easy upscaling and downscaling of our purchase is an advantage for our cooperation, also in the future.

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